December 7, 2021
  • December 7, 2021

Monthly Archives: August 2021

Alfa Laval advances on methanol

by on August 31, 2021 0
Written by Nick blenkey Lars Skytte Jørgensen, Head of Technology Development, Energy Solutions at Alfa-Laval: “Due to methanol’s lower energy content and higher price, shipowners will want to transform every part of the energy released into mechanical or electrical energy. With methanol increasingly gaining attention as the likely next step in the transition to... Read More

Movie companies want VPNs to log user data and disconnect hackers * TorrentFreak

by on August 30, 2021 0
Amid growing concerns about online privacy and security, VPN services have become increasingly popular in recent years. Millions of people use VPNs to stay safe and prevent strangers from tracking their online activities. As with typical Internet providers, a subsection of these subscribers may be involved in hacking activity. Over the past few years,... Read More

Kazi Nazrul Islam: Poetry, Politics, Praxis

by on August 29, 2021 0
“ rub your concept blocks together so that they catch fire. “ – Karl Marx The only great Bengali poet from the rural proletariat and the first to have publicly raised the demand for the total independence of colonial India in 1922, Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976) enacts insurrectional breaks and breaks with certain ancient... Read More

Making poetry from Mallarmé’s mistakes

by on August 28, 2021 0
In 19th century French literary circles, Stéphane Mallarmé (1842-1898) was celebrated as the high priest of the Symbolist movement, craftsman of complex musical lyrics of a sonorous and dizzying obscurity. For his day job, however, he taught English at Lycée Condorcet, one of the most prestigious lycées in Paris – although in many ways... Read More

Don Guardian Snags log cabin endorsement

by on August 27, 2021 0
NJ’s 2nd Legislative District is the most publicized race on the ballot this year. One of the most “swingi” districts of NJ, it is one of the few competitive legislative races on which we will salivate. Don Guardian, former mayor of Atlantic City and candidate for the NJ General Assembly, was backed by Log... Read More