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Formula 1 | Genè on Verstappen and Hamilton: “They were not an example”

By on December 6, 2021 0

Marc Genè attacks Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The attitude of the two in Saudi Arabia is not the example and the image that Formula 1 would like to be: “The only decision by Michael Masi that I don’t understand is the first red flag after some change tires and some don’t. He was wrong because it helps some and some doesn’t. The other decisions are a lot to the limit, I wouldn’t want to stay in his place. Verstappen and Hamilton must be the example of young drivers, but they went above and beyond, by manipulating the rules. Max wanted nothing more than to get Hamilton out. He did a crazy second reboot. Max accompanied him when he cut the chicane and actually took penalties. Verstappen is very mature in his interviews, I’m sorry that one of them didn’t win the world championship. In this fight the off-road aspect is used a lot more with commissions, penalties and race directions. The show on the track was top notch. Favorite Verstappen in Abu Dhabi ”.


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