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Jeremy Corbyn calls for poetry and music to spice up ‘boring’ political meetings

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Jeremy Corbyn was speaking at an event on the sidelines of the Labor Party’s annual conference (Photo: Reuters)

Jeremy Corbyn suggested that more people would support socialism if a “rather boring” political meeting included music and poetry.

The former Labor leader told an event on the sidelines of the party’s conference in Brighton that such events did not need to be “held on cold winter nights in miserable halls”.

Responding to a question posed during The World Transformed – which runs alongside the official conference – he said there were many different ways people could come to “political conclusions.”

Asked by the public how to tackle the fear of the word socialism, Mr Corbyn replied: “Well, socialism is about everyday life and the way you live your life.”

The former Labor leader – who resigned in April 2020 – said “the vast majority of people have socialist values ​​to some extent or the other,” pointing to support for the NHS as an example.

His comments come after the member for Islington accused the new party leadership of “turning their backs” on the opportunity for change.

Under his leadership, Mr Corbyn has drawn hundreds of thousands of people – many of them young – to the Labor Party, making it one of the largest political parties in Europe.

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But despite winning around 40% of the vote in the 2017 general election, he failed to rise to power and saw his party defeated by Boris Johnson’s Tories in another vote two years later.

Mr Corbyn added: “Socialism is also about culture, art and expression, which is why we shouldn’t somehow always cut ourselves off and insist that all meetings are always pretty boring and rather austere and rather long, and preferably held on cold winter nights in miserable rooms.

“In fact, I think all of our meetings should include music, should include poetry, should include ways to get people thinking about things because people come to political conclusions through many different paths. .

“Let’s make sure we’re on all of these roads as well. “

Meanwhile, the current Deputy Leader of the Labor Party, Angela Rayner, has found herself embroiled in her description of the top Conservatives as ‘scum’.

Ms Rayner justified not apologizing for the comments by calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to apologize for the “homophobic, racist and misogynistic” remarks.

Leading Conservatives have criticized Ms Rayner, but her leader, Sir Keir Starmer, refused to ask her to apologize.

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