January 11, 2022
  • January 11, 2022

National Poetry Month: Poets published at UWSP

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Tara Sparbel reads her book of poetry at the book launch party at the Ugly Mug Café in Wausau, WI.
Photo courtesy of Tara Sparbel.

During National Poetry Month, poetry is enjoyed by a variety of poets. UWSP is home to its own published poets, including Patricia Gott, Associate Professor of English, and Tara Sparbel Sr.

Gott has published a variety of creative works, including poetry and creative non-fiction essays.

Her love for writing began at a young age when she began to keep a journal of her work. It was this love of writing and poetry that drove her to embark on publishing.

She started sending work eight years ago thanks to encouragement from her father and her partner.

Poetry is a therapeutic outlet for Gott as she writes poetry about nature and her fight against cancer.

Gott finds inspiration in art and nature and looks to other creative people for feedback.

“Being in the world is the most creative act a person can commit to – being fully present and soaking up everything, every experience, positive, negative or neutral, that one can,” said Gott. .

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Patricia Gott.
Photo courtesy of Patricia Gott.

Gott finds literary journals that interest her, then before submitting her work, she searches the journal to see what type of poetry they publish.

You can find examples of Gott’s nature poetry in the Tiny Seed Literary Journal, a journal filled with works revolving around nature.

Gott is not the only poet published on campus. A new generation of poets is publishing his work, including senior Tara Sparbel.

Sparbel published a book of poetry, “Stomp Your Boot”, in 2018, and she continues to create poetry and inspire others.

Sparbel was inspired to post after meeting his friend, Anne Germain, at an open mic party. Germain was working to publish his own work and encouraged Sparbel to do the same.

Germain had a rare type of cancer, and a few weeks before Germain passed away, she got comfortable with Sparbel’s book and shared a moment of laughter and joy with another friend.

Sparbel said that was when she decided to publish her book of poetry, “Stomp Your Boot”.

“I wanted my poems to be comfortable and to connect with people. Anne was the reason I posted, and she will be the reason I post again, ”Sparbel said.

The journey started when Sparbel decided to publish, but there was a lot of work to be done. First, she had to choose where to publish her work and which poems to include.

Sparbel chose Kindle Direct Publishing, a process that allowed them to choose their own deadlines and focus on the creative process.

Sparbel discovered that some poems correspond to common themes that fit into chapters, and these are the ones she chose to include in her book.

“I realized that there were specific themes that I was unaware of before starting this process: nature, writing on writing, playing with sound, the human experience. I started cutting poems that didn’t coincide with the others. From there, I cut out poems that I didn’t like at all; it was important to me – I made sure not to include poems that I didn’t think were right, ”Sparbel said.

Tara Sparbel poses with her self-published poetry book, “Stomp Your Boots”.
Photo courtesy of Tara Sparbel.

Sparbel said finding an audience for posting poetry is essential, and using social media to gauge interest is a great way to do it.

She said writing often and collaborating with groups of writers also help poets.

Both Sparbel and Gott encourage others to publish their work.

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