December 7, 2021
  • December 7, 2021

Natrona County Arrest Log (9/15/21 – 9/20/21)

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This log may not reflect all arrests for this period. For example, the police will not release any information about the arrests of minors. State law prohibits any official from identifying a person accused of a sex crime until the accused is brought to justice in a district court.

Anyone listed here is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The charges listed here are those the arresting agency recommended to the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office. However, the formal charges filed by prosecutors may differ from the recommended charges listed here.

Here is the list of those arrested and their charges as reflected in the newspapers:

Alice Amy – Attempts / Conspiracy, Controlled Substance Removal, Controlled Substance Possession, Possession with Intent / Delivery, Controlled Substance Possession

Mathew Archibeque – Applying pressure to throat or neck, false imprisonment, domestic battery – 1st offense, supervised and parole

Marcel Brown – Failure to appear, criminal warrant

Michael Brown – Intrusion

Michael Brundige – Criminal warrant, failure to appear

Bobby Davis – Malicious Mischief-Forbidden Structure

Kadin Eastlund – Hold for CAC

Duane Evenson – Walking along the pavement when the sidewalk is provided, theft – $ 1,000 or more

Dukhan Flowers – Criminal Warrant

Tyler Gomez – Shoplifting, Trespassing, Criminal Warrant

Dalton Griswold -: Not complying, not showing up, possessing a controlled substance – powder or crystal -, driving with a canceled, suspended or revoked license

Sarah Groth – Disturbing the Peace-Causes, Causes, e

Robb Hrabe – Possession of Substance Methamphetamine

Michael Izatt – Non-compliance

Matthew Jensen – Hold for probation and parole, do not comply, hold for CAC

Timmothy Jones – Maintain Contract / Billing

Mariah Kemme – Serving the Prison

Franklin Lanier – DWUI, Obligation to inform the owner

Amber McQueary – Leave Accident-Personal Injury Scene, DWUI (1st offense or 2nd indoor offense)

Dean Murrain – Possessing a controlled substance – Powder or crystal –

Jennifer Myers – Compliance Fail x2, Controlled Substance Possession Methamphetamine

Arthur Penrod – A convicted criminal possesses a firearm, possesses a controlled substance – powder or crystal -, discharging firearms of weapons and other weapons, disturbs the causes of peace, provokes, e, implements reckless danger: gun

Deangela Picek – Criminal Warrant, Do Not Appear x2

Samantha Purdin – Fail to Appear, Fail to Comply, County Warrant / Wait for Agency x3

Raymond Ramirez – Detention for probation and parole

Jazmine Rehak – Link Revocation

Zzayn Richards – DWUS, free auto insurance, regulatory violation (GEN), methamphetamine in possession of controlled substances

Eugene Ridgley – Public Intoxication Prohibited

Carlos Salazar – Assault and battery, property damage / injuries / degradation / destroy

Devon Sherman – Failure to Comply, County Mandate / Waiting for Agency

Stephanie Sitting Eagle – DUI: alcohol 0.08% or more

Braxton Smith – County Warrant / Agency Hold

Brittany Spaulding – Probation and Parole Custody, Failure to Comply, Failure to Appear

Brenda Sutton – Intentional Possession / Delivery, Unauthorized Use of Vehicle, Valid Driver’s License

Kayelee Thomas – Attempt and Conspiracy – Crime, Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance – Schedule I, II, Possessing a Controlled Substance – Powder or Crystal –

Christina Weber – Failure to Comply

Dalco Whiteman – Contract Maintenance / Invoicing

Dustin Yearout – Meth Controlled Substance Possession, County Warrant / Agency Hold

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