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The Gates Foundation uses poetry and speech to illustrate the gender gap

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“Over the past year, the world we knew has come to an end. Over the past year, the world we know has remained the same,” the ad begins.

“We have seen women hold us back. Although they have been displaced from the workplace, we have seen women look up from teaching, parenting, farming, dreams and saying, “We have been the backbone and the backbone. head on. “… This is the year of fairness. To disrupt the idea of ​​empowerment. To redefine power. This is the year when women will ask the questions. And the first is, “What are you going to give?” “”

The announcement, posted on social media and online, is the first work of the Palette Group Gates Foundation. Creative Director Nate Nichols said the foundation “contacted us to create something imaginative and honest that would bring awareness and action to all of the foundation’s global goals.”

“The goalkeeper team wanted to realize our goal of keeping women’s economic recovery at the center of inclusive and innovative solutions in a new and compelling way,” said Omakwu. “Poetry and spoken word are powerful media for conveying important messages in a captivating style. It was also important for us to collaborate with a diverse creative team led by women from concept to realization. The end result is a story and a visual journey that we hope women from all walks of life can see themselves portrayed inside. “


Pallet group
Steffi Behringer, executive producer, partner of Palette Group
Jess Thiel, producer
Nicole Le Lacheur, ACD
Starr Nathan, Director
Jadzia Erskine, Director of Photography, * Commercial debut *
Hanna Sturwold, Editor-in-Chief
Logan Romjue, Sound mixer / supervisor
Jessie Fox, backstage photographer
Aleksandra Markovic, Stylist
Nate Nichols, Creative Director
Corri Plunkett, production coordinator

Writers, poets
Porsha Olayiwola
Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa

Talent: Goalkeepers, UN staff and philanthropic leaders
Amani Al Khatahtbeh
Bolanle Williams-Olley and his daughter
Georgie Badiel
Hauwa Liman
Lili buffett
Tiffany yu

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