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11 absolutely hilarious tweets to help you write your essay

Writing essays with the help of Twitter users… is it possible?

When it comes to write an essay or report for school, we are not always eager to start the process. For example, how many times have you found yourself sitting at your computer to start writing, and the next time you know you’ve been scrolling Twitter for an hour. The fatigue is starting to set in and you wonder how the hell you’re going to write that 8-page essay tonight.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The truth is, scrolling through Twitter is simply a more enjoyable process than writing an essay for your teacher or professor. However, tweets are valuable information, especially when they make you laugh! Let’s take a look at 11 absolutely hilarious tweets to help you write your next essay a little easier and with a smile.

The best (and funniest) tweets with valuable tips (believe it or not)

Tweet #1: In the first tweet, a user comments on the ability to limit procrastination, with a playful touch. She says she would stop dreading the process of writing an essay if she just started the process of writing an essay. Not only is it a comedic way to look at the situation, but it’s also extremely honest and simple to understand. If you want to accomplish something, get moving.

Tweet #2: The next tweet highlights the importance of listing your sources at the end of an essay, especially reputable ones. In this tweet, the user writes his sources as “man, trust me”. This is a classic saying heard by teenagers and young adults when trying something for the first time that they may not be sure about. Joking aside, the list of your sources is expected of teachers and professors. Without completing this step, you are setting yourself up for failure.

11 absolutely hilarious tweets to help you write your essay

Tweet #3: This tweet compares a meme from Spongebob and Aristotle. The tweet says they feel like SpongeBob when writing an essay at any time of the day other than midnight. In other words, the user feels that something magical happens when they write an essay very late at night due to “critical time”. Many people say they work better under pressure. Although not everyone agrees on this topic, it is possible to do more focused work when you know time is running out.

Tweet #4: The next tweet shows a meme of someone in bed, with the caption “me, after writing my essay title”. This is certainly true to some extent. Coming up with a title can be a stressful process because it sums up all the information you’re about to write. That’s why sometimes it’s best to save the title for last. Instead of focusing too much on a few words that could make or break your essay, write naturally and the title will come naturally.

11 absolutely hilarious tweets to help you write your essay

Tweet #5: This user says that by writing his essay, he literally finds everything more interesting, even if it’s extremely mundane. They compare a meme by Patrick Starr from Spongebob saying that learning Twitter’s cropping mechanism for photos (an extremely mundane and boring topic) is more interesting than their essay. That says a lot about how often essay writing is boring. The best advice is to find aspects of the content that you enjoy and capitalize on those. Make the process more enjoyable for yourself by investing yourself mentally.

Tweet #6: This user follows AP Literature and feels disappointed because the snippet he provided didn’t offer much content to snippet for his essay. They use a meme of a woman squinting to emphasize their frustration and annoyance. This shows how important it is to understand the intent behind the excerpts and what your teacher/professor is looking for. Instead of focusing on the content of the snippet, find out what they’re trying to ask you and you’ll have an easier time.

Tweet #7: The following tweet discusses the difficulty of using adequate evidence from the text, without plagiarizing. The tweet includes a SpongeBob meme. This topic is important and you should always use the supporting ideas from the given text without overdoing it.

11 absolutely hilarious tweets to help you write your essay

Tweet #8: This tweet highlights how the majority of their allotted time is spent on a thesis statement, using a SpongeBob meme. Although the thesis statement is very important, you should not rush or neglect the rest of the essay. Take your time with each section as they are graded and graded collectively.

Tweet #9: This tweet shows a meme of a man saying “I don’t remember asking you anything” to highlight the frowned upon use of “I” in an essay. Not only is this comparison comical, but it’s accurate because teachers and professors don’t want you to include “I” most of the time.

Tweet #10: This tweet compared The Dwayne Johnson Rock to a skinny man in a side-by-side for your argument against the opposing side. It highlights how you think your points are stronger and better (like they should be).

Tweet #11: Finally, this tweet shows a woman taking a selfie with a burning background behind her without caring about the world. The tweet reads “me, after finishing my essay not knowing what I just wrote about”. This is an obvious exaggeration, however, we should not leave the process feeling that we lack confidence in our work. Writing an essay on a new topic is a challenge, but we should aim to retain most of the information.

Sum it all up

So! The 11 most hilarious and insightful tips for writing essays. Not only were these examples funny and ironic, but they also had bits of truth sprinkled in them. We hope this opens up your perspective the next time you sit down at your computer to start a dissertation or can use essay writing services help with Twitter tips at the same time.

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