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Summer poetry books keep readers ready for new and old

I have said it before and I will say it again. Part of what makes summer easier are the many collections of good poetry available now. Take for example “More Anon” by Maureen N. McLane, where she draws inspiration from five previous collections, spanning 2008 to 2017. Throughout, his words are playful and play against […]

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Poems, Online: The Emerging “Poetry Influencer” Industry in Indonesia – Lifestyle

JP Staff (The Jakarta Post) Jakarta ● Tue July 27, 2021 2021-07-27 07:56 137 6f088072615a978e43b39d144efd434f 1 Way of life poetry, poetry book, poem, poet, influencer, social media, community To free Ajeng Larasati and Dinda Darmawan might look like two ordinary best friends. However, these 20-year-old students are the personalities behind one of the most influential […]

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The new avant-garde of British poetry

John Wilkinson, Wooden circle (images courtesy of The Last Books) I have never quite accepted the old joke, attributed to Irishman George Bernard Shaw, that Britain and the United States are “two nations divided by a common language”. But while there is a constant transatlantic exchange of popular music, art and literary fiction, the scenes […]

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Amritsar girl enters Global Essay Contest: The Tribune India

Tribune press service Amritsar, July 17 Zyna Dhillon, a Class X student at Mount Litera School, was shortlisted for the prestigious John Locke Institute Essay Competition which received over 4,000 submissions from 101 countries this year. The competition invites students to explore a wide range of challenging and interesting questions beyond the boundaries of the […]

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Wellesley’s student Mila Cuda guided the poetry that makes up “Summertime”

In the new feature film “Summertime”, Mila Cuda stands in a moving bus to confront a homophobic man. “I’m gay,” she said, “lesbian, free, lustful, licentious.” Cuda, a rising senior at Wellesley College, is one of 27 Los Angeles-based poets who wrote and performed the screenplay for “Summertime,” which hits local theaters on July 16. […]

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Yusef Komunyakaa on reading in bed, often poetry

KOMUNYAKAA: On my desk here I have the ” of Bill GatesHow to avoid a climate catastrophe.” Coming from Louisiana, I’m interested in climate change. I love that there is practicality to Gates’ book. It is not just an abstract theory. This morning I was here reading Hemingway’s”The sun also rises.” When I read Hemingway, […]

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Poetry for people who are unsure of poetry

Too many people feel intimidated by poetry, says Joanne Diaz, J94 – and with a podcast, she hopes to change that by making poetry more accessible. Diaz, professor of English at Wesleyan University in Illinois, and Abram Van Engen, professor of English at the University of Washington, began the Poetry for all podcast in fall […]

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Poetry as a survival guide for surveillance

During the twentieth century, the FBI closely watched poets, read their work, and speculated on their political and artistic intentions. U.S. surveillance agencies have even hired people with a poetry background to be spies and code breakers because of their skills in careful reading, language analysis and critical thinking. From Yale’s class of 1943 alone, […]

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Guide to pastoral poetry

This content contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. As we quickly emerge from spring and summer, our collective muses can’t help but admire the blossoming flowers, the swaying green trees, the hum and chirp of cicadas and birds. This cycle repeats each year, and each year […]

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How Ed Atkins’ poetry and CGI videos attack authenticity – ARTnews.com

In “Get Life / Love’s Work”, his exhibition presented at the New Museum in New York until October 3, Ed Atkins tackles the subject of distance, in particular in the era of Covid-19, via the medium for which he is best known: high definition computer generated figurative videos. The UK-born, Copenhagen-based artist and poet created […]