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7 Essay Writing Apps Every College Student Should Know


Each task requires appropriate tools to perform. In writing, the ability and mastery of the language are not enough for every writer. Therefore, digital writing tools have become must-haves for all writers in the current era. Below are the top 7 writing software that can make you a brilliant writer.

Educational jungles

Handwriting apps used by well-known custom writing companies provide them with a complete guide for perfect essays. When students need quick writing help from any writing service available online to complete their homework perfectly, like Edu Jungles, they can usually search with the group of words like “write my essay in 1 hour at Edu Jungles“. For example, writers fulfill orders when you order them, based on their professionalism and text editing tools. Plus, they have premium online access to the latest quality checkers. For example, when they select a writer for a specific task and they have completed the work, the task falls to the QA department. First, they run a plagiarism checker to detect if there is any copied content to replace. After that, they use grammar and spelling checkers to make sure the task is correct. As these apps are technologically advanced, they do not take much time to check the quality. For example, a writer sends a task to the QA authority; it is proofread in a few minutes and sent to the client.

This is how many experienced writing companies work perfectly to provide students and webmasters with the best quality articles and content. They spare no effort to verify the originality and mechanics of the work to satisfy their customers through these writing tools. Also, they take their time with the client to provide excellent writing service.


ProWritingAid is one of the most popular essay writing apps. Whether you are a student, teacher or content writer, this is the best document editing tool. It highlights factors like vague sentences, length of unpopular sentences, repetitiveness, access to adverbs, complexity of sentence construction, passive voice, and all the critical issues that are holding back your writing success. Below are the features of ProWritingAid that have made all writers, especially students, fall in love with it:

Its current enhancements allow writers to improve their writing style and catch all the other writing issues listed above. Adapting an appropriate style can make your writing clearer and more readable. That’s why this app keeps suggesting suitable styles for different types of content.

You see rapid growth in your writing skills as the app suggests appropriate words and phrases for better clarity. Also, you can learn through videos, tutorials, and quizzes presented by ProWritingAid.

The final results of writing through this app gives you a clear and error-free copy of your essay or article.


Grammar is the first choice for UK students to do their A+ essays. This text editing tool has captured the hearts of colleges, offices and beyond. Students who need writing help rely on this tool and never complain about the results. Below are the fantastic features of Grammarly that have earned its incredible popularity:

  • It detects all types of grammatical problems in seconds in long files.
  • The software also highlights clarity and readability issues.
  • It also suggests that you fix the bad punctuation.
  • You can also correct preposition, verb or adverb errors.
  • You get one or more suggestions to replace the words, expressions or sentences emitted and make them error-free.

clean writer

Clean Writer is a famous document editing tool that allows you to use essential features when needed. In other words, it has a clean interface without messing up your view with complicated options. As unnecessary clutter can distract your attention and reduce your creativity, this app provides a clean environment to continue your work. Thus, Clean Writer is one of best apps for students who need increased concentration to improve grades in homework.

It is quite a user-friendly writing app with its double speed and essential features like;

  • Simplicity;
  • Skill;
  • Flexibility;
  • And custom setting options.

If you are looking for something simple, efficient and simple, a Clean Writer can be your best writing assistant. It lets you play with your words with unleashed inspiration in solitude with hidden options. Additional options are always there to help you only when you need them. Therefore, whether you are a blogger, a poet, a novelist or a student, you can rely on this app for almost 90% of writing problems.

I can write

iCanWrite is a fun way for kids to learn writing. It lets them enjoy their words and sentences with colorful and simple pictures and activities. For example, they must place a stationery on a table and then construct a simple sentence. The application has a button, “OK”, which allows them to discover their mistakes and make changes without additional writing assistance. It’s so addictive that children look forward to their hour of entertainment every day with gradually improving handwriting skills. So, if you are a busy parent and have the least amount of time to guide your children on better handwriting and having fun time, iCanWrite may work best for you. It is especially designed for small children, so older students may not find it effective enough.

7 Essay Writing Apps Every College Student Should Know


It is one of the best essay writing apps for students. With Hemingway, millions of learners around the world are making their homework bolder, clearer, and error-free. The wonderful feature of Hemingway that captured hearts is his color highlights to indicate different types of writing errors. For example;

  • A red highlight means your sentence is too complex to pass the readability test;
  • The blue color represents excessive use of adverbs;
  • Purple-colored alerts tell you to use shorter words;
  • Green means you need to replace the passive voice with the active voice.

You can easily remove these colors by getting suggestions from Hemingway by hovering over the mouse. Moreover, the toolbar allows you to easily edit the document. It has a simple and user-friendly interface for beginners. In a short time, Hemingway is the easiest option to edit text for students.


You can use Ulysses with your Mac, iPhone, and iPad to appear as an enhanced writer. Indeed, it has solid features and an eye-catching interface. So, people who are used to reading and writing or who need help with daily writing like to keep Ulysses on their list of apps. But, mainly, it is useful for students who might need help anywhere as it is easily accessible like in the iPhone app. Thus, Ulysse can be your best partner if you need an efficient writing environment with the best text management options.

Finally, today’s writing and text editing tools have made the daunting task of writing relatively simpler, easier, and more fun. There are many other document editing software beyond the list given above. Each tool is designed to be suitable for a particular writing environment. Therefore, you can select an app that suits your needs after some research.

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