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A former Grantham woman’s local poetry collection attracts publishers’ attention

A collection of poetry born out of a love of writing for healing has just been released.

In My Own Rhyme was written by Susan North and this is the first time her work has been published.

Susan, originally from the Grantham area and now based in Stretton, Rutland, first discovered a natural ability to write following a loss in the family.

Susan North (56149261)

Fast forward a few years and not only has she discovered a firm passion for herself, but her work is now bound in a collection of 40 poems and available for sale through Arthur H Stockwell Ltd publishers.

Described as a collection of verses, In My Own Rhyme covers a wide range of thoughts, observations and emotions – some funny, some heartfelt, but above all, each one is genuine and heartfelt, and rather a page-turner. wonderful from Susan.

Susan said: “My husband Des had life changing surgery several years ago and I have been his carer ever since.

In My Own Rhyme - Susan North (56149160)
In My Own Rhyme – Susan North (56149160)

“During times of great stress and emotional upheaval, I found that writing gave me the chance to calm my mind and keep stress at bay.

“I only really discovered that I could write something that family members said was good when I wrote a poem for a family funeral and it went from there.

“I am delighted that after submitting some sample poems to Arthur H Stockwell, they came back and asked for more and wanted to publish my thoughts. It’s fantastic and it really made my husband Des and I so happy.

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