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A nurse’s essay on a caring employer wins a fan in Michael Bublé

As nurses around the world decry staffing shortages, unsafe working conditions and employers more interested in results than their staff, a Missouri resident nurse bucked the trend with an essay about her supportive healthcare system .

Monette Chiarolanza, inf.

“Not many nurses can say positive things about their hospital leadership right now,” said Monette Chiarolanza, RN, a nurse-in-training at University Health in Kansas City, Missouri. Medscape Medical News.

His essay on what makes his healthcare system a unique workplace won the first Striving to Prosper Award from HOLLIBLU, an app that helps connect and support nurses. The winning entry, out of 20 submitted to the competition, also earned a Zoom call from artist Michael Bublé. Former recipient of the HOLLIBLU Hero Award, resulting from his support for frontline workers during the pandemic, Bublé recognized the resident nurse for her service.

“I thank you on behalf of every human being you have rescued or helped, every person who has been through difficult times or is about to go through difficult times. Your selflessness has changed the world…and you inspire us to be better people. “, the singer told Chiarolanza.

Chiarolanza said she was touched by Bublé’s Zoom call. What she didn’t tell him at the time was how his song, “Feeling Good,” helped her through a difficult time as a single mother with two children after leaving an abusive marriage.

In her winning essay, Chiarolanza cited the “incredible support” nurses receive from their executives, who are known to help hospital staff “take over when we’re overwhelmed,” from pulling sheets to recording signs. vitals and blood sugar. “A lot of CEOs wouldn’t engage in that way,” Chiarolanza said. Medscape Medical News.

She also cited as examples of support the health system’s resident nurse program, of which she is a part, her mentorship, unpaid care and emotional support to veteran nurses who are feeling burnt out. Management shows it values ​​staff by offering amenities such as free massages, rejuvenation rooms with healthy snacks, “and a space where nurses can write encouraging notes to each other,” Chiarolanza continued.

Chiarolanza backed up his claims of employer support in his essay with quotes from nurses, ranging from new grads to veterans.

“We are offered essential salary incentives, and management prioritizes its communication to ensure nurses know that quality and compassionate care is valued,” she wrote.

She admits her health system may be short-staffed like others around the world, “but they’re doing everything they can to have safe ratios. Leaders are getting out there and listening to us.” They also realize that ensuring staff are “mentally healthy” will help employers retain workers and provide better patient care, Chiarolanza said.

Despite the positive environment that she and her colleagues enjoy, she recognizes that it is not easy to be a nurse elsewhere. “Nurses are upset and angry. It can become a very dark and frustrating place.”

Chiarolanza and HOLLIBLU hope the Strive to Thrive award will encourage other hospitals and health systems to follow University Health’s lead. “The award is important to highlight hospitals that do it well,” Chiarolanza said. “Every nurse deserves to feel how we feel about our hospital.”

Cara Lunsford, founder and CEO of HOLLIBLU, said that in her 15 years as a nurse, she had never heard of the kind of supportive environment described by Chiarolanza in her essay. The deciding factor in trial selection was Chiarolanza’s statement about how the CEO and NOC helped with weekly rounds and patient care, Lunsford told Medscape. “I don’t think we’ve ever heard of C-suite [execs] who go down and enter the trenches with their staff.”

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