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A tourist climbs dangerously into Glacier National Park for a selfie


Summer may be coming to an end, but stupid tourist season is apparently still underway. Every year we think we can’t see worse behavior than what we saw the year before. And every year, a new video from one of our nation’s national parks once again proves us wrong. For example, this recent video shot at St. Mary Falls in Glacier National Park in Montana. As you will see in the video shared by the Instagram account “turons of Yellowstone”, a rather large log flowed into the river and lodged on rocks at the very top of the falls. Rather than just admiring the falls and extremely fast-moving water from the safety of the bridge and nearby bridges, at least one woman saw this log and considered it a photo opportunity.

At the start of the video, the woman is sitting in the middle of the log just above the fast flowing waters! The log may look large, but it’s probably far from stable. It looks like she’s posing for a few photos before returning along the log to the safety of the rocks where she first got off the trail. This is one of those situations where all you can do is shake your head in amazement at how some people play dangerous and stupid games with their own lives.

While a fall from that log probably wouldn’t have killed this woman, drowning is still the leading cause of death in national parks. The waters of this river move fast and furious, and even the best Olympic swimmers in the world would not be able to fight against these fast currents. There probably wouldn’t be anything anyone could have done to save her.

We shouldn’t have to repeat this over and over again, but don’t. The trails, boardwalks and ramps are there for a reason. This woman is an adult, we shouldn’t have to say how dangerous doing something like this is. Unfortunately, for many people who walk through the gates of our beautiful national parks, common sense seems lost. The only good thing we can take away from this video is that at least no one was harassing an animal this time. Think of this as another example of what not to do on your late-season trips to America’s most beautiful natural areas.

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