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ABB launches digital solution expected to deliver 20% fuel savings

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Nick Blenkey

Customers have 24/7 access to TEKOMAR through a portal where they can view and compare all of their fleets

ABB Turbocharge has launched Tekomar XPERT marine, a digital solution offering shipowners simplified management of propulsion efficiency and emissions reporting.

“By enabling potential combined emissions savings of up to 20%,” says ABB, “this suite of products can make a significant contribution to the decarbonization of the shipping industry, which is under regulatory pressure to reduce half its carbon footprint by 2050.

Tekomar XPERT marine has three modules covering:

Combined, according to ABB, these modules provide actionable insights into vessel performance, based on which shipping companies can make better operating decisions, resulting in noticeable fuel savings. This, in turn, allows ships to achieve better Carbon Intensity Indices (CIIs). Compliance with the charter party for emissions reporting is also facilitated.

Tekomar XPERT’s engine module is already an established solution preferred by many shipping companies and currently optimizes the performance of over 8,000 engines in operation.

The hull and propeller as well as the emissions modules were launched to extend the capabilities of the solution.

Emissions module accurately predicts CII rating and CO2 emissions, enabling pre-validated emissions reporting in accordance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) and EU monitoring requirements , reporting and verification (MRV). The module has an automated and easy to use reporting function based on electronic logbook data. The actual CII rating and its simulation are based on the main operating parameters of the vessel, as well as historical data.

The hull and propeller module provides real-time vessel performance information. For example, it enables accurate assessment of defouling requirements, which can have a significant positive impact on vessel performance – fouling can lead to fuel overconsumption of up to 20%. With the level of information provided by the software, effective planning of improvement actions is greatly simplified.

“Tekomar XPERT marine takes our digital offering to a new level by adding hull and propeller, and transmitter modules to our engine room offering,” said Cristian Corotto, VP of Digital Client Solutions at ABB Turbocharging. “These combined analyzes deliver real customer value by enabling greater efficiency. For example, fuel savings of up to 3 tonnes per day can be achieved by optimizing engine performance alone, which translates into approximately 9 tonnes of CO2 emissions per day.

“Equally important,” says Corotto, “is the system’s provision of the information necessary to support decision-making regarding the optimal timing of cleaning events and the identification of the root cause of reduced propulsion efficiency. Essentially, with Tekomar XPERT marine, customers are ready for the next level of data-driven decision making.

Analysis results from all three modules are immediately available to shipowners and operators, and the solution can be integrated to work with existing data collection systems without the need to install additional hardware. Extensive digital analytics offering supports benchmarking, historical tracking and forecasting. In addition, the system offers advisory support at all levels, from the engine to the hull and propeller of the vessel, as well as its emissions and CII classification.

Customers can access 24/7 via a portal where they can view and compare all of their fleets. Operational data can be shared with ABB via C-2-C connectivity, after which ABB will assess, analyze and provide expert operational information. Tekomar XPERT marine works on all engines, regardless of brand, type and age.

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