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Adam Caller urges business executives to follow his lead and donate to Save the Children Ukraine’s appeal

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OXFORD, England, March 2, 2022

Adam Caller issues a call to action to his fellow business leaders asking them to do the same and donate to Save the Children Ukraine’s appeal

OXFORD, England, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adam Caller, Founder and CEO of Tutors International, today donated £1,000 to the Save the Children Ukraine Appeal. Says Caller: “We at Tutors International have been deeply moved by the stories coming out of Ukraine and are convinced that if every British company gave something, we could help Ukrainian children in their fight to survive.”

“Let’s work together to save children in crisis”, urges Adam Caller

The caller continues: “Those children who were not forced to flee the country as refugees live in fear, with many forced to shelter in inhospitable conditions such as basements and bomb shelters. bombs, often in sub-zero temperatures.”

Dig deep

The caller goes on to say: “Many people are sensitive to the plight of Ukrainians, but there is no doubt that for many the distance breeds apathy and because it does not happen to us, in our own backyard, we turn a blind eye to the injustices that happen. However, we must keep in mind that it is happening now, in the 21st century, in Europe seventh largest country. The least business leaders can do to help is to dig deep into their financial coffers and donate generously.”

“Every £100 donated buys ten school kits in a bag, six family hygiene kits or a month’s worth of food for two families,” Caller points out. He pleads with business leaders to join him in his bid to deliver lifesaving aid to Ukraine’s 3.5 million vulnerable children and their families as soon as possible.

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“Dig deep”, to help Ukrainian children, asks Adam Caller



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