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Advisers working on claims log to be submitted – Solomon Star News

The Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government has commissioned a group of advisers to compile what they call “the Malaita People’s Claims Log” for submission to the national government.

This was stated by the Prime Minister of Malaita Province, Daniel Suidani in his opening speech for the 2022/2023 budget meeting currently taking place in Auki.

He said Mr Suidani had declared that the “journal of claims of the Malaita people” would be officially submitted to the national government for consideration.

He said the “claims” were part of his government working to resolve disputes.

“We know that the issue surrounding the change has been properly resolved, although we accept the government’s decision. While China is now in the Solomon Islands, they can focus on other provinces, but not Malaita province for now.

“In working to resolve our difference, my government has appointed a team of advisers to compile what is known as ‘the People’s Grievance Log of Malaita Province’ which will be formally submitted to the national government for consideration,” said the Prime Minister.

He said that as a responsible government, they want to give people the assurance that they will look into their grievances or help escalate them to the responsible authority.

“As a responsible government, we want to assure our people that, yes, we will look into your grievances or help channel them to the responsible authority,” he said.

However, he added that steps are being taken to address the level of misinformation and misunderstanding between the two governments.

“For example, the national government seems to be of the opinion that M4D is part of the MARA government, which in fact is not the case.

“M4D is an established group as the people power of Malaita. It is a group set up to pressure governments to be honest and truthful when addressing the issue of development in Malaita Province,” the Prime Minister said.

He added that a clear example is when M4D organized programs and events that did not receive a single penny or dollar from the MARA government.

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