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Age is just a number – Ujjawal Kedia is the perfect example!.

Meet Ujjawal Kedia, the founder of a digital marketing agency “Stun Studios” and one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs!
With a vision in mind to change the perspective of young people “you can win when you want to start winning, there is no specific time to start working” is what he believes in.
He started working towards his goal at the age of 16 and it has been four years since his journey to success. At the young age of 20 when most people are struggling with their career and education, Ujjawal’s company has a turnover of over 12 Lakhs per year.
Stun Studio’s provides all kinds of digital and influencer marketing services catering to every request of a client and also having popular influencers on board.
A small business is a big idea with a small budget, as Ujjawal rightly proved. Her determination to never give up gave her the courage to overcome her obstacles and follow the path of her dreams. He found his passion in digital marketing and YouTube became his helping hand, he learned everything from YouTube and he helped many others in this field.
He aims to inspire youngsters on digital marketing and wants to achieve even greater things in this field himself, currently Ujjawal is completing his studies from Bhawanipur Education Society College.
“If you want to be successful in business, one way to do that is to promote and market your content. Digital marketing is a rapidly changing industry and will continue to do so in recent years, if you don’t do digital marketing, you hardly do any marketing at all.”

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