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Al Horford: “I try to come here, lead by example”

BRIGHTON, MA – The Boston Celtics held a post-shoot media briefing at the Auerbach Center in Brighton. Coincidentally, when Al Horford spoke to the media he insisted on the effort, hard work, preparation and intensity … sounds a lot like things the namesake of the training center of the Celtics preached during his 50-year reign in the NBA.

After Al Horford, coach Ime Udoka stepped onto the podium to take stock of Jaylen Brown’s injuries.

Al Horford:

Al Horford spoke about the dramatic improvement in the Boston Celtics’ defense. We figured out early on that we needed to be more consistent defensively and pay attention to details. “

Al went on to say, “Normally when you don’t switch all the time there are usually only two people communicating, things go so fast (with switching), if you don’t talk you are going to be exposed there. “

Horford on Jaylen Brown’s injury: “Jaylen was playing so well, he was starting to get his legs under him and trying to get a feel for everything, that will give opportunities to other guys to intervene, that kind of things happen and we just have to come together more.

Alon being the old man in the room: “At the end of the day I try to come here, work hard, set an example … treat like I want to be treated … when I want to say something , there is this mutual respect … sometimes I ask them questions, we learn from each other “

Coach Ime Udoka:

Celtics head coach Ime Udoka spoke to the media after practice on Monday.

Ime said Jaylen Brown’s timeline remains the same with his hamstring injury. He should be away for 1 to 2 weeks.

Udoka was asked about On Luka Donic’s winning shot: “We had a credible defender on him, they cleared the left side to go back. Josh challenged incredibly, at this point do we want to get it out of his hands? “

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