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Amazon brings back the boxes on a bulk carrier

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Nick blenkey

Amazon is among the shippers putting containers on bulk carriers [Image; Port of Houston]

The trend for shippers to switch from container ships to bulk carriers seems to be accelerating. Among those who take this route is Amazon. The Port of Houston recently tweeted images of the G2 Ocean ship Star Lygra arriving at the port with a shipment of Amazon boxes.

Although the Star Lygra is officially classified as a general cargo ship, most people would characterize it as an open hatch bulk carrier. Bergen, Norway, headquartered at G2 Ocean, a joint venture between Gearbulk and Grieg Maritime, is one of the world’s largest operators of open hatch vessels and its Managing Director, Atlantic, Scott Krantzcke, said due to the current global supply chain challenges, G2 Ocean has transported more containers in 2021.

“We expect this trend to continue through 2022. In doing so, we hope to improve the situation for customers and provide them with the reliability they need,” he said.


In the meantime, Coca-Cola has also transferred some cargo to bulk carriers, but not in containers.

“When you couldn’t get containers or space due to the current ocean freight crisis, then we had to think outside the box (or container),” Alan Smith, purchasing director – Global Logistics at the group of Supply Coca-Cola Cross Enterprise in Meath, Ireland, said in a recent post on LinkedIn, noting that the company was loading three bulk carriers that week with 60,000 tonnes of material to run its production lines around the world.

“This is the equivalent of 2,800 TEUs that would traditionally have been shipped with shipping lines,” he wrote. our suppliers.

The images he released show that “out of the box” in this case meant “in the bag.”

Post on LinkedIn shows bagged Coca-Cola material being loaded onto bul carriers

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