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American Legion Auxiliary Announces Essay Contest Winners

Area students were honored for their participation in this year’s American Legion Auxiliary Essay Contest.

Wiat Miller placed 1st in the junior and senior levels, and also placed 3rd in District 17. Bailee J. Pineda placed 2nd in the essay contest.

At the 7th and 8th grade level, Shreya Patel, of West Lincoln-Broadwell, placed 1st and also placed 3rd in District 17. Marin Luckhart, 2nd, and Myah Bowman, 3rd, are both from West Lincoln Broadwell.

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Each student received a certificate, an Abe’s Carmelcorn gift card and a monetary award.

This year’s topic was “Patriotism: How are we more alike than different?” Essays were received from Zion Lutheran, West Lincoln-Broadwell, and Lincoln High School students.

The essays express, in general, that patriotism itself brings us together and that every generation understands this ONE word. We should just accept that we are ALL more alike than different. An essay stated that our American Dream and our American Spirit make us believe in our country and that working together can help overcome differences and see similarities.

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Others have used examples of celebrating our holidays, honoring our flag and veterans, and voting can be a patriotic way to show our patriotism together. Another good example is that when people are in need, we come together as Americans to help them.

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