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Anand Mahindra tweets a video and jokes that this vehicle is an example of “e-mobility” | Tendency

Anand Mahindra is an enthusiastic Twitter user known for his humorous one-liners and offbeat tweets. And if you follow the Chairman of Mahindra and Mahindra on Twitter, you might be familiar with the type of content he posts there, especially upbeat content that quickly goes viral after resonating with netizens. Recently, he shared another video that went viral. We see four men dining on a mobile table.

He shared this video with a witty caption that reads, “Guess it’s e-mobility. Where ‘e’ means eat…” And of course, since this video was shared on Twitter, many people either quoted a tweet or replied to it – in order to make their thoughts known. But before getting into any of those, take a look at the video itself:

He shared the video on July 3 and it already has over 6.81 lakh views.

People responded with things like “Me and the wood”. Another posted: “That’s quite innovative.” A third hilariously wrote: “And yet the most curious part of the video is that they had free fuel.” “I need this in my life, ASAP,” wrote a fourth.

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