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Barclaycard down as customers can’t log into online accounts

BARCLAYCARD customers cannot log into online accounts after the bank ran into technical difficulties this morning.

The credit card company has millions of customers in the UK, and the crash left some people unable to access their accounts and make a payment.


Customers can’t log in to accounts this morningCredit: Getty

More than 150 customers have complained about the Downdector outage service, with problems starting at 8.15am this morning.

Of the complaints raised, 91% were about login issues, 6% had issues making payments, and 2% had issues using the app.

The worst affected area appears to be London, with other locations including Brighton, Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Norwaich also affected.

Customers are complaining on Twitter that they can’t log into their accounts.

A customer said: “Hello @Barclaycard can you fix your app.”

While another said: “Unable to connect this morning.”

Another customer said, “I still can’t log in this morning. Extremely frustrating.”

Barclaycard’s customer service account on Twitter responded to some customers experiencing issues.

He tweeted to a customer: “We are aware of the issues at this time and are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

The Sun has contacted Barclaycard for comment.

Barclaycard customers aren’t the only ones to have experienced service outages recently when trying to use online banking.

Over the weekend, customers in Halifax and Lloyds were unable to access their accounts on Sunday morning.

The technical issue affected Halifax, Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland customers across the country and began at around 10.30am.

While Tesco Bank fell last week, also freezing hundreds of accounts.

Customers said they couldn’t see their credit card accounts – Tesco Bank no longer offers current accounts after closing them last year.

Can I get compensation for a bank failure?

Unlike telecommunications companies, banks do not have a fixed compensation system for service interruptions, although depending on the extent of the impact on you, you may be entitled to a refund.

It’s worth gathering evidence of your problems so you can file a formal complaint directly with Barclaycard.

Try to keep track of when you were unable to access the website or app, and any charges you incurred as a result.

If your credit rating has been affected by a service outage, because you received a late payment fee after being unable to complete a transaction, for example, you should also keep a record of that.

If you spoke to someone to try to resolve the issue, write down their name and the date you spoke to them, along with roughly what you discussed and what they advised you to do.

You can find more details on how to complain to Barclaycard on their website.

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