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Blackpink’s Jennie opens her own nail salon in the backstage diary for the latest publicity shoot; makes free art for staff


Jennie does nail art for the staff

Can Jennie get any cuter than that? The Blackpink star has the personality of gold and it was once again proven in the behind-the-scenes diary of her latest publicity shoot. The bubbly aura of the singer leaves everyone mesmerized by her and the new video is just another example.

Let us first explain what we are talking about. Jennie recently took part in a publicity shoot for TAMBURINS perfume where she looked like a top actress. The brand has shared an exciting video for the same and it must be said that it is unclear whether it is a promotional clip or an action movie.

Following this, we were treated to a behind-the-scenes diary of the shooting. From practicing her stunts and scenes to the break, the SOLO the singer was seen giving it her all. Even when filming lasted most of the day, she was at her best.

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In one of the scenes, the YG Entertainment star was seen surrounded by the staff and having fun with them. From what it seems, Jennie had opened her own “nail art salon”. While waiting for the next take, she spent her time painting the staff’s nails.

Check out the Vlog shoot here:

One of the team members pointed out that his hands were rather shaking. “You don’t even shiver when you’re dancing outside in the cold and now you do,” the lady said. From mixing different colors to stippling art, she made everyone happy with her creative talent.

It was really heartwarming to see Jennie not only give it her all while filming the commercial, but also have a relaxing time between takes. Where can we sign up to have our nails done by none other than Jennie Kim? When can we become the luckiest?

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