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BOMB Magazine | Northern Triangle Diaspora Poetry

Last year marked the 200th anniversary of the declaration of independence of the Central American Federation from Spain. Among the original five states were El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, which the United States calls the “Northern Triangle”. A visit to the region today reveals the complex realities of hegemony, dependency, instability and the effects of multiple wars. Social, economic and political unrest in the three countries was caused, in part, by US intervention, which began with its invasion of Nicaragua in 1912, culminating in the Salvadoran peace accord in 1992 and continuing covertly today today. This is reflected in the mass migration and refugee crisis on the US southern border.

A new generation of Northern Triangle diaspora poets is maturing in the United States and around the world. They create their singular voices and aspirations not just for their dignity, but to explore a sense of belonging that has been denied from colonial times to the imperialist present. Their voices rise from an ever-burning ancestral fire; they are the voices of liberation. In their writings, they express their hopes, their questions, their resistance to the concepts of nation building, militarism and the destruction of our ecosystems.

BOMB’s new series on Northern Triangle Diaspora Poetry will showcase examples of these voices, online and in print, beginning with poets of Salvadoran descent. The complete series will be presented during the coming year.

Daniel Flores and Ascencio

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