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CAP UCLA presents four days of music and poetry at the TUNE IN FESTIVAL

UCLA Performance Art Center presents the return of The Tune In Festival from Thursday November 4 to Sunday November 7 at CAP UCLA online. The festival will be free with subscription to the channel.

The Tune In Festival is a four-day convocation of more than 30 artists and ensembles united in intercultural solidarity to pay tribute to the centuries-old tradition of music and poetry as sources of resilience, protest and inspiration. Creative advisor Kristy edmunds called on award-winning performance poet J. Ivy and pianist Lisa Kaplan as associate curators. They’ve created a lineup that brings joy and hope for a post-pandemic future, and will perform their own sets on day four and day one, respectively.

“What I love most about this collection of storytellers is the bravery and hope that each artist chooses to give in,” says Ivy. “They exude purpose. They are healers. For example, the author of We Want Our Bodies Back, Jessica care moore, affectionately known as the Detroit Butterfly, is not only a legend of Apollo, whose words are celebrated around the world, she is a mainstay of the poetry community. In her set, she shares her latest work of art, Such a Wild Beauty, where she gives love a new perspective, but also dances with the arm wrestling that love often presents. “

“I wanted to bring a fantastic early career string quartet to The Tune In Festival,” Kaplan said. I had met the Thalea String Quartet a few years ago and loved their energy, their focus on command and of course their seemingly effortless virtuosity. It was a joy to work together on the pieces of their set, and I could not have been more delighted to be able to play with them the epic piano quintet of Andy Akiho, Prospects of a Misplaced Year. I am delighted that the public sees, hears and is inspired by Thalea. “

The festival will open with the masterful and moving performance of poet Sunni Patterson, followed by the Thalea String Quartet, which will perform on the first and last day of the festival, with works by Gabriella Smith, Andy Akiho, Jessie Montgomery, Ayanna Woods. and Anthony R. Vert. Other highlights include Mariee Sioux’s fascinating yet intimate performance with a hauntingly beautiful set of songs that were filmed outside in occupied Nisenan territory. On the third day, Tongo Eisen-Martin will perform his poem It is already midnight, which is sure to amaze the audience in less than five minutes. The full artist program follows below.

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