January 11, 2022
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Forget Brexit, it’s time to follow President Macron and France’s lead on the unvaccinated – Yorkshire Post Letters

by on January 10, 2022 0

I’ve never been a fan of President Macron or France’s stance against Brexit, but I have to admit that I admire the stance he took against the unvaccinated (The Yorkshire Post, January 6). I just wish our government would have the courage to follow the same policy, perhaps with less colorful language. Register to...

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JAN MOIR: Novak Djokovic should lead by example during Covid crisis – don’t behave like a baby

by on January 6, 2022 0

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic represents all that is wrong and bad about “Covid exceptionalism”. As in, there are rules, but they don’t apply to him. There are masks, but he doesn’t have to wear them. There are vaccines to protect us from disease, suffering, and each other, but he doesn’t have to. Confusion surrounds...

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‘Another glaring example of cancellation culture’: Facebook blocks conservative children’s book publisher

by on January 4, 2022 0

Facebook has permanently turned off ads for a new conservative publisher of children’s books featuring the biographies of President Ronald Reagan, economist Thomas Sowell and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. The social media giant claimed Heroes of Liberty had broken its rules against “low-quality or disruptive content,” according to Fox Business. “The question...

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