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Top 15 Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas To Consider

The process of writing an essay consists of several steps. They are inevitable, can induce their own obstacles and have a concrete purpose. The preliminary stage is the stage before you even start thinking about writing. It includes several sub-steps and a selection of topics are part of it. Your problems can start immediately. Not everyone is good with this stuff.

Some people just can’t choose good ideas for a concrete type of essay. Thus, you may find a lot of learners who cannot generate good argumentative essay topics. An argumentative article makes you choose a point of view and backs it up with compelling arguments. This article is stimulating and interesting at the same time. The selection of topic ideas is also difficult. Our informative article helps all learners facing this problem, it provides the 15 best argumentative essay topics for students, and explains what it takes to select a good topic. Check out our suggestions below:

  1. Should the United States allow fracking?
  2. Is it reasonable to legalize marijuana?
  3. Should the death penalty be banned?
  4. The reasons for racism in the USA?
  5. Invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine.
  6. How to stop Russian aggression?
  7. What are the consequences for Russia of starting a war in the next 5 years?
  8. Reasons for campus violence and how to prevent it.
  9. How can the American education system be improved?
  10. Why is social status so important to most people?
  11. The problem of poverty in India.
  12. What is the future of the EU?
  13. What will the UK look like after the Queen’s death?
  14. Which Latin American country has the most investment prospects?
  15. How to prevent delinquency among teenagers?

These are great argumentative essay topics for high school, college, and university. You can use any of them freely and there will be plenty of evidence. Plus, there’s room for you to think about these themes. You can also use our list as a basis for your own concepts.

What makes a good topic?

After learning 15 great topics for an argumentative essay, we need to dwell on how they should be formed. Even if you have good examples, it doesn’t mean you know what makes a topic good for your article. A very good topic should:

  • Be relevant
  • Be meaningful
  • Focus on an acute problem
  • Follow the interests of your readers
  • Promise and really solve the problem

These are the main qualities of a good topic that will be interesting to read. Now let’s try to figure out how to select it.

When writing your essay, you must select a specific academic field (or you will be assigned it). Study current niche issues. Focus on those that are interesting now and those that have many followers. Your topic should focus on a problem that has no clear solution. Study it to find the answer. You can also revisit any popular topic that has already been extensively researched if you find a different angle to review.

Good argumentative essay topics should be narrowed down

When you have a topic planned, be sure to narrow it down. You will not have enough time and space to disclose topics such as – Education issues. It’s too general and broad. Narrow to a concrete country. For example, choose the following topic – Modern Issues in Education in Canada. Thus, you will review the problems of a country and you will also set a timetable because you have applied the word “modern”.

Be prepared for failure when studying the subject. Even though it sounds promising, you may still be missing some evidence. Check what you have already found and adapt the topic to these materials. It can be slightly modified or entirely modified. You must be 100% sure that you will be able to disclose the selected topic.

Use Pro Help

If you still need time to figure out this stuff and the topics need to be formed, you can try the help of custom writing agencies. Their experienced and skilled writers surely know how to generate amazing controversial essay topics that suit different industries and topics.

Remember that they also offer other types of conditions and services. For example, you can buy affordable papers if you can’t deal with defined types. Everything is done quickly, in a unique way and according to the needs of your educators.

Draw the final thoughts

We hope our list, tips, and recommendations will help you generate your own unique argumentative essay topics. Just follow them, check out our suggestions, and look for other topic lists. This experience will help you understand what makes a good subject to select your own concepts quickly and without complications.

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