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Are you looking for provocative opinions and dynamic new approaches to energy efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe? Are you looking for an interactive way to share innovative ideas that could inspire real future changes in the region?

Ondrej Sramek is Director of Corporate Affairs, Eastern Europe, at Knauf Insulation.

Then join us at the Central and Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum (C4E). Since 2016, this unique event has brought together a diverse mix of speakers, experts and participants from sustainability organizations, NGOs, national governments, businesses and the European Commission to present new ideas, strategies and innovations in energy efficiency in the ECE region.

This year, the three-day event will run from September 21-24 and while we have reached full capacity for in-person attendees, we are offering potential attendees the option to enjoy the event online by registering. on the website.

30% of participants come from the public sector

So why attend? Well, above all, the event is a magnet for policy makers. What sets our forum apart is that over 30% of C4E participants come from the public sector. This means that questions and ideas about energy efficiency policies are actively discussed with the people who shape them.

Second, there is nothing else like it in the area. C4E attracts participants from over 20 countries as it is the only forum of its kind to focus specifically on Central and Eastern Europe. And when it comes to who is involved, that’s a big factor. More than 70% of our participants are from CEECs.

These two aspects have been critical to the success of C4E as the forum provides a unique opportunity to exchange region-specific ideas through plenary sessions, workshops and, most importantly, interactive panel sessions. These sessions are particularly enriching because rather than passively listening to a presentation, they offer the opportunity to exchange ideas and feedback in real time.

If, for example, scholars discuss how the Czech Republic has ramped up its single-family home renovation program by 30% (just one of nearly 20 discussions this year), could a similar program work in other countries? of the region ? This is your chance to find out.

Controversial idea sessions

Topics for this year’s panel include How to Write Long-Term Renovation Strategies, Green Finance for Sustainable Homes, Energy Poverty Reduction, Removing Barriers to Renovation, Municipal Renovation Strategies, Quality of air and health, climate policies, the need for more training in energy efficiency and near zero energy buildings (NZEB) among many others. We are also planning “controversial ideas sessions” where we tackle energy efficiency topics from a more informed point of view.

In addition to these themes, members of the Knauf Insulation public affairs team, including myself, Katarzyna Wardal, Peter Robl and Quentin Galland, will also participate in panels on topics such as renovation funding and innovative advocacy.

At C4E, we are exceptionally proud of what we have achieved through these sessions. In a survey of attendees at our last event in 2018, a total of 97% of attendees said they had learned something new with an average score of 3.5 out of four for parallel sessions. Equally significantly, participants said they have established an average of nine new connections helping to strengthen the energy efficiency community in Central and Eastern Europe.

The challenges of post-COVID recovery

Of course, the forum also comes at an exciting time for Europe and will offer valuable insight into the European Commission’s “Fit For 55” energy efficiency strategy package, national recovery plans, the Green Deal, the Wave of renovation and the next revision of the Energy Directive. Performance of the Buildings Directive.

All of these developments offer the EEC region a wide range of opportunities as well as challenges in the context of post-COVID recovery and acceleration of the construction industry. How can these huge sums of salvage money be spent most efficiently? How to easily renovate a historic public building with almost zero energy standards? How do you deal with skills and material shortages?

The questions are endless, but I am convinced that if innovation in energy efficiency is important to you, you will find many answers in the C4E Forum. We look forward to welcoming you online on the 21stst.

Plenary Focus

“The Green Deal: How Do We Make It Work For CEE Buildings” will be the subject of the plenary sessions of the forum with speakers including Zuzana Čaputova, President of Slovakia, Advisor to the Slovak President, Norbert Kurilla, Allen Coliban, Mayor of Brasov, Borbély László, Romanian State Councilor at the Romanian Department for Sustainable Development, Sasa Galonja, Head of the Construction Division at the Slovenian Ministry of the Environment, and Paula Pinho, Director of the European Commission for DG Energy Directorate B – Just Transition, consumers, energy efficiency and innovation

C4E support

The C4E Forum is a joint initiative of Chance for Buildings and the European Climate Foundation and is sponsored by Knauf Insulation, Rockwool and Velux. The contributing partners are the Clean Air Fund, the European Alliance for Energy Savings, the European Association of Insulation Manufacturers, EuroACE and ROENEF. Supporting partners are Renovate Europe, Romania Green Building Council and PLGBC. The event takes place in Romania in cooperation with the local partner Pro-nZEB Cluster.

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