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Cowes Harbor and Cedar Marine to develop sustainability plan

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Heather ervin

Cowes Harbor Commission (CHC) joins the burden of environmental responsibility among UK ports and harbors today announcing its adoption of the carbon management plan developed by the Sustainability Technical and Business Facilitator long-term maritime, Cedar Marine.

CHC will work with Cedar Marine to understand baseline emissions in its buildings, infrastructure and supply chain, and develop a trajectory for improvements over a 5-year period. CHC is a trusted port authority providing moorings, maritime services, safety assurance, environmental protection and pilotage services on the Isle of Wight, CHC hopes others will follow in its footsteps as they lead the responsible for environmental responsibility in the ports and ports sector.

The calculation and full consideration of reference emissions are essential both to establish and to achieve ambitious environmental objectives. Cedar Marine provides marine supply chain organizations with the tools they need to achieve an environmentally responsible future; align with the business strategy to define emission reduction measures, establish benchmarks and monitor progress for a sustained and sustainable journey.

Commitment to sustainability

Ed Walker, Harbor Master, CHC, explained: “We are committed to proactively supporting the sustainable development and conservation of the harbor and the marine environment, both as the primary gateway to the shipping and transport for the Isle of Wight, and as a conscientious member of the broader national maritime community. Cowes is an international focal point for prestigious events like Cowes Week, boating and commercial shipping, so it is important that we lead by example in decarbonizing maritime activities.

“The responsibility for fostering sustainability in the maritime sector does not lie solely with the ship operators. All organizations in the industry and its supply chain, including ports and harbors, have the opportunity to contribute to a clean maritime future. Cedar’s carbon management plan will empower us to do so in a measured, responsible and commercially viable way.

Cedar Marine works with its customers for a minimum period of three years to agree on a clear path for emission reductions, tracking progress along the way. In partnership with CHC, he recognizes the key role that ports and ports play in supporting the sustainability of the maritime sector, and undertakes this project to inspire new interest in carbon management plans among suppliers of similar services across the UK.

Owen Preece, Managing Director of Cedar Marine, said: “For any business in any industry, knowing where to start on the decarbonization journey is as important as knowing where you want to end – and no one who wants to go anywhere. hand does not begin its journey without a map.

“An analytical and targeted approach to decarbonization allows all maritime players to focus their resources on generating key emissions within their operations and infrastructure, in order to achieve tangible reductions. We are very happy to be able to work with Cowes Harbor Commission as the first port partner to facilitate this journey, and we hope that their pioneering step will trigger a turning point in the ports and harbors sector in how it approaches and s’ commits long-term, significant durability.

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