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Cronje joins Fantom and DeFi after posting essay on Crypto Winter


FTM jumps 20% on News Yearn DeFi Pioneer is back in the game

Andre Cronje just can’t stay away.

Cronje, a gifted developer and founder of Yearn Finance, also turned out to be a serial defector from DeFi. Thursday, Cronje tweeted that he is making a comeback, once again.

The South African native changed his profile picture which shows him raising the Fantom logo and added a .ftm domain to his Twitter profile name.

Moreover, on LinkedInCronje updated his profile, which now reads “Vice President of Memes” at the Fantom Foundation, the organization that supports Layer 1 blockchain.

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Unsurprisingly, Fantom’s FTM token climbed almost 20% on Thursday against a 1% decline for ETH.

FTM AwardsSource: The Defiant Terminal

On October 25, Cronje wrote a article on Medium titled The Crypto Winter of 2022. (The article was published by Megan Dyamond, a solicitor at Dunsters, a Cape Town law firm.)

Technical Adviser

Cronje is known for his “test in productionattitude. The developer served as a technical advisor to the Fantom Foundation for almost four years.

In March, Cronje leave DeFi and sparked a furor among investors who backed his plans. The following month, Cronje demanded a stricter regulations across the entire DeFi ecosystem, which infuriated community members.

Ghosts TVL plunged 94% after Cronje’s departure to $517 million. On November 2, Fantom announcement that they have partnered with Gitcoin to test the beta grant protocol.

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