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Daan Roosegaarde’s techno-poetry linking beauty and science

Daan Roosegaarde is a big fan of Italy. He sees the Dutch as creative and the Italians as optimists, a very important attitude in the face of the challenges of tomorrow: “this is the century that links beauty and science”, he says, “and we must make the most of it. I understand that when they ask me about this job; let me give you an example ”, he smiles,“ an Italian immediately feels the emotional connection between beauty and technology, while a German would ask me how the machine works ”. The dichotomy between the level of wonder and the sophisticated technological development that his research manages to generate, as well as the relative and actual functional load is truly remarkable; in his hands, even a piece of metal can become romantic.

“I believe that today’s designers need to be able to really involve people and focus more on the future. I often think about what will happen tomorrow. And that is why I continue to work in the hope of being able to do more and better ”. Technology at the service of the well-being of the world, of the human being, of our planet: the work of Daan Roosegaarde pushes the boundaries beyond the present and gives rise to passionate reflections – which have never been more relevant than in this historic period.

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