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Poetry is old. Really old. It came into use before written language, originally used as a means of remembering history through verbal storytelling. This is why we often feel rhythm or rhythm in a poem, and why rhyme is often a part of poetry – rhyme is easy to remember, and rhythm keeps words moving. Think “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” – originally spoken sagas – and the Norse Eddas; numerous works from the Far East, the Near and the Middle East; Aboriginal; Natives of North and South America – wherever people gathered there were stories, often in song, told in rhythm and rhyme, perhaps akin to today’s rap.

Poetry is often found in and around academia these days, likely due to the many master’s programs in creative writing that now exist. I had one myself, but I always believed that the average person on the street was the best poet in the country. I believe that poems based on everyday life are the most important, meaningful and enduring.

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