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David Pollack’s comments on Alabama are a perfect example of faulty analysis


David Pollack was one of the best defensemen in SEC history. The former Georgia Bulldog became an NFL first-round pick in 2005, but his NFL career was unfortunately cut short due to a spinal injury.

Pollack has since made a living working for ESPN as a college football analyst and a good one at that, might I add.

During his appearance on ESPN’s “Pardon The Interruption,” Pollack made some interesting comments about the current and future state of Alabama’s football program under head coach Nick Saban.

Here is a video of his comments on the Crimson Tide via Twitter:

Now, there are a lot of truths spoken in this 52-second clip, but part of it is a perfect example of the lazy, knee-jerk analysis that tends to happen when Alabama forfeits a game.

Pollack states that “The days of Alabama killing everyone and being better than everyone, that era is over, that era is over. I think we’re going to get more used to Alabama losing a game every year.

Obviously I’m not calling David Pollack lazy, he’s one of the best analysts in college football, but that statement is lazy and not factual. It’s a great example that people generally have a misrepresentation of the true facts of previous seasons.

Alabama has rarely gone undefeated under Coach Saban. In fact, only two of Alabama’s six national championships under Coach Saban have come with undefeated seasons. The thing is, Alabama fans are already used to Tide dropping a game during the season, because it happens almost every season.

Look, has Alabama lost some of its dominance over the rest of the country, you could probably make that argument. But I would argue that Alabama hasn’t lost anything, the other teams are just playing catch up.

The national media wants Alabama’s reign of dominance to end so badly that they will say anything in the hope that it will come true. How many times has someone declared on a national scale that the Saban dynasty in Alabama is over? Eventually they’ll be right, I guess, but let’s use facts with our opinions, not hopes and dreams.

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