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Domestic violence, road offenders connect via video link for post-release rehabilitation

Men convicted of domestic violence and driving offenses benefit from an initiative that allows them to follow post-release programs virtually, via video link.

Called LiViT – live, virtual and therapeutic – the software broadcasts to both the offender and a remote facilitator at the same time.

It was first introduced at Forbes Community Corrections, in mid-west New South Wales, in the middle of last year, to help improve access to rehabilitation programs for offenders who fall into disuse. were found in rural areas.

A man participates from his home, 200 kilometers from the office.

Forbes office manager Natalie Talbot says participation rates have also increased because previously there may have been too few people to run a program.

“This means… that we have actually been able to put offenders into programs that they haven’t had access to for a long time.”

Programs “reduce recidivism”

Nearly 450 recently released inmates have participated in workshops on sober driving, domestic violence and foundations since the program began in mid-2020.

The initiative has been so successful that Corrective Services NSW is now looking to roll it out statewide.

Offenders participate in online programs using borrowed laptops or a computer installed at the Forbes office.(

Provided: NSW Corrective Services


Ms Talbot said the program has also been rewarding for staff.

Among the successful graduates is an illiterate man, who completed the sober driving program five months ago and has since found safe housing for the first time in 15 years and has had access to support in Mental Health.

Ms Talbot said another example was a man who was convicted of domestic violence offenses but has now made positive changes in his life and family members have said it helped him resolve his anger problem.

“[It is] really reducing recidivism, really makes a difference, really helps keep our community safe, ”said Ms. Talbot.

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