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Electronic ticketing on toll roads; Police record thousands of vehicles exceeding speed limit


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Director of Jakarta Traffic Police from Sr. Comr. Sambodo Purnomo Yogo has confirmed that thousands of vehicles have been caught by Electronic Traffic Enforcement (E-TLE) or Electronic Ticketing cameras for exceeding the speed limit on toll roads.

However, not all vehicles could be ticketed because the police must first check the vehicle data before issuing a ticket.

“Yesterday the Traffic Directorate reported that thousands of vehicles were caught for breaking the speed limit. Of course, all the thousands of captures could not be turned into a ticket because we have to verify it first,” Sambodo told Jakarta Traffic. Police Headquarters building on Tuesday, April 5.

Motorized vehicles recorded by E-TLE cameras must have the same data as those recorded in the police database. For example, there must be the same data of the color of the car and the police number appearing on the vehicle registration certificate.

In addition, the police could not issue a ticket if the vehicle is not perfectly registered. “We will continue to fix cameras that are shaking, cameras that can’t capture well, etc.,” Sambodo added.

Despite those hurdles, Sambodo said police issued electronic tickets to 123 cars for exceeding the speed limit on toll roads in the past three days.

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