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Elliot Page wrote an amazing essay about his identity, his career and his favorite books


Page also reflected on the character who made him famous, the titular pregnant teenager of the indie classic. Juno. “People, especially teenage girls, really responded to this character, Juno,” he wrote, adding that the character’s “vibe” was “new for a film that reached the audience it reached, and with her as the main character.” Page then proceeded to confirm what queer and trans people have always saidwho is that Juno is a trans film.

“It was related to my queerness and my transness,” he wrote. But Page’s feelings about it were understandably complex. “And then you have this movie that has the success that it had, and the major, major payoff, between the movie and the soundtrack — and then you smash all of that,” Page added. “You crush it. So you benefit greatly from this character connecting with people, and then you do. It’s disgusting.”

Page also shared in Squire that the Juno hype “literally nearly killed [him]which he linked to the need to be seen as a woman in the public eye. His struggles with “intense depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks” continued throughout his “early to mid-twenties,” Page sharing that he “didn’t know how to tell people how sick he was [he] has been.”

“I was living life and my dreams were coming true, and whatever was going on,” Page wrote. “And yet, for example, when I was shooting CreationI could hardly leave the hotel in which I would stay.

From the looks of this essay, Page seems to be doing a lot better right now. To close his piece for Squire, Page shared another sense of euphoria.

“For me euphoria is just waking up, making my coffee, sitting down with a book and being able to read,” he wrote. “I know it may sound strange, but I can’t stress enough the degree of discomfort and struggle I was experiencing that was in the way of everything. How could it be otherwise?

In these times, especially when the positive effects of transitioning on mental health are constantly buried, Page highlighting the personal aspects of her transition and how it changed her life in her own words is badly needed. Plus, we love seeing a trans man on the cover of a men’s magazine for the very first time.

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