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Famous scholar sheds light on the history of Arabic poetry


Dr. Khursheed Ahmed Rizvi, a famous researcher, scholar, poet, translator and teacher, spoke at length on Friday about ancient Arabic poetry.

He delivered his lecture at Lahore University of Management and Science. He said that the history of Arabic poetic literature is missing, there is not much information available about the past, maybe future scholars will find out. In Arabic poetry, long poems like epics were less common. In other languages ​​like Masnavi consists of around sixty thousand verses, Shahnama by Ferdowsi, Mahabharata and Odyssey by Homer are also long poems.

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Qaseedah, he said, is very common in Arabic poetry. It is used for all types of poems. Every year in ancient Arabic history there had been a fair where poetry contests were held.

The Arabs usually wrote these qasidas and interpreted them in such a way that it would be difficult to find an example in other languages.

Apart from that, he said that Arab poets usually start their poetry with “tashbeeb” in which the story of beloved, youth and beauty is depicted.

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But the analogy in Arabic poetry is so strong that it cannot be matched or compared in Urdu or any other language. An Arab poet compares generosity to the banks of the Nile, which are as long as the hands of the generous. giving another example, thread is used for connection in Urdu poetry while rope is used to show connection in Arabic poetry. He said that Urdu poetry borrowed a lot from Arabic poetry but the tragedy is that Urdu poets used Arabic expression timidly. As a result, Arab ideas lost their meaning.

The Arabic language has an element of the grotesque, he said, that other languages ​​have lacked.

While discussing the Quran and Arabic literature, he said that the scripts of the poets are nothing compared to the Quranic scripts. No matter how great the Arab poets were, they were very short compared to the eloquence of the Quran. When the Holy Quran challenged the greatest Arab poets to make a surah or even a single verse like that of the Quran, they completely failed. The Quranic text is unprecedented, he claimed.

Then, while talking about the style of Arabic poetry, he said that situations and events had a profound effect on Arabic poetry, just as there was a period of magic in the time of Moses and such miracles were constantly given. An antidote was presented in this way in the time of Jesus Christ as it was the time of sicknesses and he was given the cure for sicknesses like leprosy. In this way, eloquence had a great reach among the Arabs, the scholars were very eloquent; they loved their expression very much, even ordinary people said poetry.

At the end of the lecture, there was a question and answer session where different students and fellow scholars asked different questions.

Responding to a question, he said that Sufism is mentioned much later in Arabic poetry. It was applied long after the advent of Islam.


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