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Final Destination 2 log truck still makes me anxious


Spoilers for the set Final destination franchise

As we get closer to Halloween, I thought about my favorite horror franchises and whether they still scared me the way they did when I first saw them. This leads me to having the occasional response “I can’t believe I had trouble sleeping after watching this, lol”, as the effects don’t always hold up, and some horror icons have a lot more single lines that I remember they had. .

However, there are times when I meet, well, I’ll let Twitter explain.

So let’s talk about the Final destination films, more precisely, Final destination 2.

Traumatic transport simulator

The Final destination frankness consists in cheating death. Death, apparently, has a quota to fill, and if you can manage to avoid a plane crash, a road disaster, a faulty roller coaster, a runway accident, or the collapse of a bridge intended for you, then death will find a more Rube Goldberg way to kill you. There’s always a character who has a premonition about how everyone is going to die, and that character spends the rest of the movie trying to prove he’s telling the truth while trying to save everyone from the embrace. permanent death.

Over the course of the series, you start trying to figure out how someone is going to die, and it usually doesn’t turn out the way you think it is. The deaths become more and more exaggerated as the series progresses and, admittedly, lose what made them so horrifying in the first place: how they happen in familiar places and under extremely ordinary circumstances. Of course I had a good laugh at the racist asshole who bit him Final destination 4, but it was the deaths that happened at the start of the franchise that stood out to me so much that I look aside at certain types of vehicles in real life.

So about the highway disaster at Final destination 2

In the second film, our protagonist, Kimberly Corman, has a vision where logs come loose from a semi-truck, causing a major accident on the freeway. One of the logs crashes against a policeman’s window, creating a series of events that kill many more. A biker is killed by his own bicycle, cars overturn, some explode on impact. It’s a terrifying mess.

What is effective in this scene is that it feels like it could be happening on a freeway. I imagine this is what it would look like if you came face to face with a log crashing through your window, and that in turn would create a chaotic sequence of events because no one would know what to do.

While the plane crash in the first film could also happen (as seen in the first film and the fifth), there was a definite air of “you’re just paranoid” because Alex Browning was so superstitious. This second catastrophe, however, has sort of… happened. There are clues about the next Death Parade, of course, if you know how to look for them (which I didn’t do at the time), but it’s not like Kimberly started her journey in a sweat. nervous like Alex did.

You expect something bad to happen because Alex was already stressed out about every little thing, like the song played in the bathroom before he left, and his birthday being the same as the time of day. departure of his flight.

This second disaster is also much more detailed, taking the time to show the individual deaths of several people. You don’t just get the initial hit, you get everything, until someone is on fire trying to take their seat belt off.


I am, uh.

More likely to be on a highway than on an airplane.

The highway disaster is one of those moments that I didn’t really realize until I got in a car and saw a logging truck go by. Without thinking about it, I made sure not to drive directly behind. I wasn’t quite sure why, but to this day, whenever I’m in a car (driving or driving as a passenger), ball trucks make me paranoid. It’s not just me either, because my wife will slowly change lanes so as not to be behind the truck.

And as we can see from the tweets I’ve shared, a whole generation of moviegoers have come to terms with the fact that ball trucks make them nervous.

This is a good example of the effectiveness of horror. It’s not always the monster in the closet or the lingering spirit that resides in this house that was too good to be true. Sometimes it’s taking a look at something you do every day and saying to yourself, “Well, what if that happens? “

Are we overthinking it?

Maybe, but there is nothing wrong with staying as far away from trucks carrying a heavy load as possible.

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