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First Test: 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring is Conscious Automotive Poetry | Regional News

The origin stories behind the branding of electric car maker Lucid Motors are fascinating. For a good understanding, I had the opportunity to visit the headquarters in Newark, California to meet designers, engineers, software developers and communications managers as they discussed the intimate details of the two the company’s latest models, highlighting the first series production models. And just like classic Atlanta hip-hop group Outkast, the products are “so fresh and so clean!” »

Two new Lucid templates

Excitement for new possibilities stems from driving time in the all-electric, high-performance 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring (GT) and Grand Touring Performance (GTP) sedans and a day of immersion in Lucid culture. For $154,000, the GT generates 819 horsepower and accelerates to 60 mph in just 3 seconds. The GTP boosts power to 1,050 electric horsepower with a 2.6-second 0-60 mph warp speed. In this example, luxury car buyers can expect to spend $179,000 before the GTP’s potential $7,500 federal tax credit. These prices do not include the $1,500 destination charge. Yes, these premium vehicles are for wealthy individuals who can afford the finest things, from second and business homes to yachts and opulent vacations.

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Battery and Electrification Education

According to Lucid, the Lucid Air Grand Touring leads the electric vehicle industry in efficiency with an EPA-estimated range of up to 516 miles or 4.6 miles of range per kilowatt-hour. The Lucid Electric Drive Unit features two motors (one front and one rear) to create an AWD platform that came into play around the twisty roads of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The vehicle is balanced and the weight transfers are fluid for optimal performance. At higher speeds, the GT and GTP are stiff and compliant; when cruising, the vehicle is pure and seductive. The track-proven battery technology stems from experience in Formula E where Lucid has been supplying the batteries since 2018.

Originally in partnership with Electrify America, the in-house designed Lucid Air Battery Pack is compatible with any public charging station. It can deliver up to 300 miles of charge in about 21 minutes from the high capacity 112kWh (118kWh GTP), 900v battery to a 350kWh DC fast charger. Higher kWh translates to longer range. The unit also has bi-directional capabilities to power your home in the event of an outage. It converts the vehicle’s DC (direct current) electricity back to AC (alternating current) electricity with its built-in two-way charger. Also expect a 10-year/100,000-mile battery warranty.


Launch control

The Lucids turn on when you unlock the doors and have three drive mode settings: Smooth, Swift and Sprint. Steering, torque, regenerative settings and damping are all influenced by the selected Choke Mode. Launch Control (LC) is my favorite performance feature, engaged out of Sprint mode. At PayPal Park, we demoed LC which got me emotionally excited as the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance squatted in suspension and started off at full throttle. Nothing like the instant acceleration of electric torque. Eric Bach, Lucid’s senior vice president of product and chief engineer, also explained how tire development is customized with brands such as Michelin and Pirelli for the precise specifications required.

One-pedal driving

With two settings, one-pedal driving simulates braking when you let off the throttle, but you can’t turn it off completely. I’m not a fan and Lucid tamed it so I could handle the braking myself.

Special Edition Dream Edition

Prior to my visit to North Cali, I had the pleasure of a spirited test drive in Fairfax County, Virginia in a special Eureka Gold Lucid Air Dream Edition. Sorry, Lucid sold all 520 units of the $169,900 limited-production vehicle to forward-thinking thinkers who will be liberated by its 2.42-second 0-60 mph time. The design of the vehicle is emotionally appealing and its performance is magnificent. According to the packaging, peak power is an astonishing 1,111 horsepower and a range of 520 miles with 19″ wheels. Lucid was looking for efficiency during the product planning process, but performance became the understatement. GTP, the Lucid lineup includes the $87,400 Pure and $107,400 Touring, which began production with Q4 availability.


Development of software for electric vehicles

Although the EV space represents less than 3% of the entire US auto market, the goal is to continue developing battery-powered machines to reduce the carbon footprint humans generate from their inventions. We must explore alternative fuel sources for a brighter, brighter and cleaner future. Of course, start-up Lucid Motors, with a 500-acre manufacturing facility in Arizona, is spearheading that charge. The company also develops the majority of its core technologies and software in-house. Derrick Carty, vice president of software platform, explained that the audio system, Android-based operating system, and navigation are designed and implemented directly by Lucid. With over 50 in-vehicle computers and five unique operating systems, updates can be performed over the air, including active suspension and acoustic settings. Lucid is off to a good start, but features need to be improved to reflect vehicle pricing. I found the sound a little weak and had some frustrations with navigation. Lucid says the best listening experience is with Adobe-recorded music like Tidal.

Exterior design

Stylistically, the Air is as unique and exciting as it gets. Derek Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Design and Brand at Lucid, shared how they looked at aircraft designs for inspiration. With a 100% aluminum architecture, the Grand Touring is long and extremely low for better aerodynamics. An all-glass canopy (roof) extends from the windshield in an interesting one-piece glass and roof combo that is highlighted by aluminum trim to create a two-tone effect no matter if you select a Quantum Grey, Cosmos Silver, Infinite Black, Tint Stellar White or Zenith Red. However, remember that glass attracts heat, especially in areas like Florida. A large cavity under the front hood offers 280 liters of storage. Easy entry into the vehicle stems from 90-degree door openings and a choice of three character-defining 21-inch, 20-inch and 19-inch wheel designs. Lucid also placed 14 cameras and 32 sensors around the Airs. In back, the industry’s largest one-piece taillight flows with the clamshell-opening trunk.


Interior design

A 34-inch main screen and 12.3-inch center console touchscreen control everything from steering wheel and mirror adjustments to the 21-speaker “Surreal Sound” audio system, massage and seat settings. air conditioner. At the same time, open-pore wood accentuates the two-tone interior. The interior is very spacious with headroom for tall people and no visible blind spots.

“The day is bright and the air is clear after the midday sun scorched a misty morning. The sunlight intensifies the colors and highlights the coastal landscape.” Description of the interior of Santa Cruz

Retailers and Service

Step into any Lucid Retail Studio to customize your vehicle and familiarize yourself with the brand. The lifestyle space includes a lounge, display vehicles, visual content and a 4K virtual reality experience configurator allowing customers to customize their sedan, from exterior colors to interior material selections, all inspired and named after specific California cities such as Santa Monica, Santa Cruz and Tahoe. You can also select your Lucid Air completely online at www.LucidMotors.com.

For maintenance, Lucid will place a service center near each reseller. Some of these locations will also perform body work. The EV maker will also provide mobile service to support over-the-air software updates. Finally, Lucid personnel have the option of picking up your vehicle for service.


Conclusion of the EV

It was a pure moment of reflection on the future of mobility as emerging conversations about electrification continue to prevail in a time of global warming and planetary resource depletion. Every major automaker plans to launch an electric vehicle within the next ten years, from Audi to Bentley (if they haven’t already). In the mix is ​​Lucid, which is primed for the multitude of conscious consumers looking for evolutionary change.

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