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Gauri Bedekar is the author of the book “Elements”. This is his first published work, a collection of poetry consisting of 30 poems. She is an undergraduate student at St Joseph’s College, Bangalore. The degree she is pursuing, a triple major in English, Theater Studies and Psychology, is tailor-made for her and her interests. Poetry has always been a constant in his life. She first recognized her passion in 2017, when she realized she loved writing poetry and could go anywhere with it.

She has always been interested in creative writing, but poetry is something that particularly stood out to her. Her penchant for creative writing has always accompanied her through life, but her love for poetry knows no bounds. Gauri considers herself musically inclined, and her appreciation of music has made the rhythm of poetry so simply evident. It’s almost like adding tempo to words and finding the perfect melody. When asked why the poetry resonates with her, she says it’s heartwarming. It’s heartwarming how something so short and to the point can have such an impact.

“A little goes a long way, and poetry is a perfect example of that,” Gauri says.

As for how poetry has helped her, she mentions how much she was always able to turn to it for comfort. It really helped her recognize her own strength and gave her the confidence to try new things. It’s a way she can (uninhibited) express her thoughts without any fear and make sense of the chaos going on in her head. This gives him the power to paint vivid images in the minds of readers. Her passion for words and her fascination with how they can convey so much power also catalyzed her love for poetry. When it’s hard to understand your own emotions and make them coherent, putting pen to paper gives you structure and space to be able to hear your own thoughts.

Some of Gauri’s favorite poems are “We Are The Music-Makers” by Arthur William Edgar O’Shaughnessy and “Where The Mind Is Without Fear” by Rabindranath Tagore. They are an expression of artistic freedom and the importance of keeping an open mind. She is inspired by these poems and also hopes to touch people through her poems.

Speaking of the book itself, the whole concept of the 5 elements of the universe (Air, Earth, Fire, Space and Water) has always fascinated her. The way in which one can use these elements metaphorically to convey different thoughts and emotions is the source of its plot. She recounts one of the most impactful poems that made her realize the depth of her own curiosity, and you can find the same in her book! When asked about her favorite poems/poems that she is most excited to read, she mentions two. The first is a poem titled ‘I am’, under ‘Space’. She says it’s a very optimistic poem (which isn’t what she usually writes) and can really give the reader hope. It’s reassuring, almost like telling readers to “hang in there”. On the opposite end of the spectrum, she mentions a poem called “The Villain”, under “Fire”. This poem, as she puts it, is about the various obstacles one faces in one’s life and how they prevent one from going down the path that one was always meant to take. It’s like different villains in his life impact them and they become villains themselves.

One of the most compelling things about poetry is the creative energy that flows through the words into the minds of readers. Writing poems has always given Gauri the confidence to step out of her comfort zone and she wants readers to feel the same sense of empowerment through the same words. She hopes people will find a bit of themselves in her poetry and be reassured that they are not alone. She wants ‘Elements’ to remind everyone that we belong together, in a small and meaningful way, and that we all have a place in the universe.

His book is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Paperfox.

Follow Gauri on Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/gauribedekar1407/Written by Siya Mukund, a triple major student in Media Studies, Economics, and Political Science.

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