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Posted: Posted Date – 11:30 PM, Fri – 24 Jun 22

By Anirudh Billa

Hyderabad: In the previous article, we looked at how to create an impactful intro for an essay with an example. Now let’s understand how to build a body which is the main component of the essay.

In the body, we will describe, explain and argue for the given essay. Such an elaboration requires an appropriate structure, which we will discuss in this article.

Preparing the body structure:

Book 1:

Past, present and future

In this structure, you must develop the main body which covers the evolution of the subject from its origin, its current status and its future prospects. This structure is useful for broad and generic topics.


1) The world order: political and economic

The body of the essay should include a historical perspective of political and economic beginnings. Let’s talk here about the life of the first men in a society of hunter-gatherers, then in the Neolithic agricultural societies followed by the age of the kingdoms. Now move on to the current world political and economic order with an analysis of the problems, challenges and list several reasons supporting them. Conclude on the future prospects with the world order of tomorrow and add your suggestions on what remains to be done.

The above paragraph is a skeleton and should include bullet points for the given essay topic. You can elaborate with more dimensions to enrich your essay.

Book 2:

Individual to global level:

This structure includes the individual, family, society, workplace, country and global level. Connect the topic at different levels as shown above. Elaborate easily using this structure.

Let’s take a topic and apply the above structure

Example: With great power comes great responsibility

Now expand on the above essay topic with different walks of life, from the individual to the global level. Powerful people must act with responsibility, otherwise if this power is misused, we will suffer the worst consequences. Explain why and how power is abused and we can build responsible individuals, societies and nations, etc.

Book 3: Discuss the pros and cons

You will find essay topics that are debatable in nature.

Let’s see some topics here:
1) Should the death penalty be abolished or maintained?
2) Godsend or bane of the Internet?
3) Capitalism versus socialism
In the main body, briefly discuss the concept with background and definition. Then, break the main body up into big sections with pros and cons (pros and cons) about the topic. Finally, in conclusion, you can clearly present your position on the issue.

Structure 4: Pestle
Pestle stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental.

Explain the topic in the above dimensions

In addition to the dimensions of the pestle, you can add a few more – administrative, historical, scientific, security, etc. This is a standard style and the easiest way to generate more stitches covering large dimensions. You take a statement and elaborate it in various sectors and give your point of view. It is useful when the statement of the question is philosophical in nature and represents a generally accepted truth.

Let’s apply ourselves to the following sample essay topic:

The best for an individual is not necessarily the best for society
Use the pestle structure now,

1) Policy: Bad electoral practices can benefit a corrupt politician, but they have terrible consequences for society and the nation as a whole.

2) Economic: The free market may serve wealthy entrepreneurs and privileged sections of society, but it may not guarantee justice for everyone.
Add the social, technological, legal and environmental dimensions as well.
The four different structures described above will be useful in creating the body of the essay in a structured way. Check the relevance of the structure for the given essay topic (stir up before you start writing the essay). Apart from these four structures, you can develop your own new structures which come with more practice and mock tests.

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