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Hallowmas Essay Contest – My Southborough


Above: A city church asks children to write about a “canonized saint” who deserves to be emulated. (collage of images of patron saints around the world from Wikimedia)

Sainte-Anne parish celebrates the holiday that gave rise to Halloween. They invite young people from the community to join them.

the many holierHallowmas/Toussaint, falls on November 1, the celebration starting at night (or standby) prior. The Catholic Church is using the holiday as inspiration for an essay contest for students in grades 4-12.

The contest will end with a $100 prize for each of the winners in three age categories: Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, and Grades 10-12.

While the competition launched this month, entrants have until after the Christmas holidays to submit their essays.

Here are more details of the church announcement for the Hallowmass Essay Contest:

Halloween party name [a contraction of “All Hallow’s Eve”]- Old English for “Holy Evening” – started in medieval Europe to celebrate the evening before Hallowmas [Mass of the Saints], later called “Toussaint”. All Christians at this time celebrated special festivals to remember the heavenly “birthday” of men and women who strove to follow God’s will in their lives, whose heroic lives of virtue were considered good examples to follow. The Feast of All Canonized Saints is celebrated on November 1, with the Vigil beginning on October 31.

To commemorate this ancient tradition, St. Anne’s Parish in Southborough is holding an All Saints’ Day essay contest.

ESSAY CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS: Choose one or more canonized saints listed at holidayhistory.organd write an essay about how their lifestyle choices provide good examples for us to emulate today.

CONTEST SPECIFICATIONS: The essay contest is open to youth in grades four through twelve. All entries must be postmarked or emailed by January 6, 2023. Entries can be emailed as a pdf to: [email protected], or mailed as a hard copy paper to: St. Anne Faith Formation, 20 Boston Rd., Southborough, MA 01772

Essays will be judged by a panel of language arts professors and theologians.

For more information, please email [email protected]

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