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Hardworking Ghanaian brings netizens to tears as he lifts huge log all by himself


  • A strong and hardworking Ghanaian has aroused the emotions of netizens by lifting a huge log of wood by himself
  • The man seemed to do the tedious work as a means of survival and people wondered how he was able to carry such a large amount of weight.
  • The video has been circulating on social media and has people dropping thoughts on how hard work doesn’t always pay a lot

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A Ghanaian has sparked outrage among netizens after a video of him doing incredibly hard work surfaced.

In the footage, the strong and hardworking man carried a huge piece of wood all by himself.

Hardworking Ghanaian man Source: julliejay-kanz
Source: Instagram

The man and a few colleagues, loggers by profession, felled a tree to make wood from it but had to carry the log on their own to a vehicle parked a few meters away.

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The young man effortlessly carried the huge log of wood on his shoulders all by himself to the vehicle. People who saw the video were surprised at the insane strength the young man displayed and wondered how much he was paid to do such heavy work. Some felt that the hard work was not always worth it.

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An experienced doctor points out the effect of carrying heavy loads

YEN.com.gh spoke with Dr. Damien, doctor and physiotherapist. He pointed out how lifting too heavy can negatively affect the body. He stated:

Carrying heavy loads has positive sides and negative sides. It can strengthen the muscles in the neck area and strengthen the spine and other sides of the body. But it can also be detrimental. Carrying heavy loads can cause significant damage to the joint that connects the neck to the head.

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Dr Damien advises people who carry heavy objects to earn a living

Many Ghanaians carry heavy items out of necessity as they do so for a living and cannot live without them. Dr Damien advised people to find other alternative ways of transporting goods. He said:

They should try to find other methods of carrying loads, for example, the pulley, the wheelbarrow or some sort of mechanical invention to help transport objects.

Ghanaians give up thinking coins

piero_nm was surprised:

How much does this guy get paid? In truth, hard work does not pay…

narteydaniel7 was saddened:

Eno bi easy for bibiniii shawl

the_life_of_y.o.l_o also reacted:

Men we suffer oooo but God has us..


With all this heavy load, he will only be paid 10 or 20 cedis

bonty_smart was impressed by the video:

Dear Lord, please pass this kind of suffering and struggle, me, my friends, my family, my helper in destiny, my brothers and sisters through

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Maame Dokono recounts in detail how bedlessness syndrome in public hospitals in Ghana resulted in Waakye’s death

In other news, veteran actress and media personality, Maame Dokono, gave chilling details on how no bed syndrome in public hospitals caused Waakye’s death.

Maame Dokonor was in emotional distress as she spoke at Waakye’s funeral and shed light on the circumstances surrounding Waakye’s death.

The media personality said she won’t hold back the truth and doesn’t care what happens to her.

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