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Hilton partners with Peloton in latest example of how hotels are using technology to help guests stay fit |


The new deal will see Peloton’s bikes and treadmills placed at all Hilton properties, making it easier for guests to stay fit on the go.

By Debbie Gelner – 10.7.2022

According to the CDC, only about one in three adults get the recommended amount of activity each week. From fitness trackers to in-room air quality monitors, hotels are using technology in a variety of ways to improve guest health. For example, some hotels are now offering fitness trackers to guests so they can stay on top of their fitness goals while on vacation. Others use in-room air quality monitors to ensure guests are breathing clean air.

A good example of how hotels are using technology to help guests stay in shape is Hilton Worldwide’s Five Feet to Fitness program. The simple concept — just walk around your hotel room for five minutes a day — resonates with busy travelers who may not have time for a formal workout. And best of all, it costs nothing to participate. Customers can use the digital app to track their progress and earn rewards like free nights and upgrades. With interest in the program higher than ever, it’s clear Americans are ready to get moving.

Now Peloton Interactive Inc., the maker of popular home exercise equipment, is teaming up with Hilton to introduce its bikes to the hotel operator’s US portfolio. The deal will see Peloton’s bikes and treadmills placed at all Hilton properties, making it easier for guests to stay fit on the go. The move is a major blow for Peloton, which is working to expand its reach beyond its home user base.

By joining FitnessOnDemand, hotels can enhance their fitness offerings and give guests another reason to choose their property. Not only will they receive a touchscreen digital kiosk, but they will also receive a media hub that easily integrates with any existing video display.

The partnership with Hilton will give Peloton a significant presence in the hospitality market and could potentially lead to similar deals with other hotel chains (in fact, Westin Hotels & Resorts, part of Marriott International, has started to offer rooms equipped with Peloton bikes nearly five years ago). For Hilton, the partnership is another way to differentiate its properties and provide guests with an enhanced experience. Fitness Center. The agreement between Peloton and Hilton reflects the growing trend of hotel operators partnering with fitness companies to provide guests with more options for staying active while traveling.

Some hotels are now offering virtual experiences that can help guests stay healthy while enjoying the amenities of a luxury property. From on-demand fitness classes to 360-degree tours of exotic locations, these experiences can provide a well-deserved break from the daily grind. And for those looking to reconnect with nature, some hotels even offer virtual reality experiences that simulate hiking or fishing in scenic locations.

FitnessOnDemand, a global leader in collecting, curating and delivering high-quality, premium digital fitness content from some of the world’s biggest names and experts in personalized fitness, is a particularly compelling fitness-based exercise option. technology that more and more hotels are deploying. Their on-site kiosks provide hotel guests with access to hundreds of on-demand fitness classes, so guests can work out even when the studio is closed. And because classes are self-serve, customers don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts or cancellations.

As more travelers look for ways to stay healthy and fit on the road, we can expect to see more hotels partnering with fitness brands like Peloton and FitnessOnDemand. Thanks to these types of partnerships, hotel guests can now access world-class workouts without ever having to leave their room. And with more and more travelers looking for health-conscious options, it’s likely we’ll see even more hotel-fitness collaborations in the future.

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