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How Reedsy can help you take your poetry to the next level

Writing and publishing poetry takes a lot of research and practice. You not only find your own voice, but you learn how to convey it to your audience. Reedsy’s resources can help.

This platform for self-published writers can guide you through three key areas: understanding poetry formats, practicing the creative process, and getting your work published. By applying his advice and using his services, you will become a better poet.

1. Learn about the different types of poetry

The first step to taking your poetry to the next level is to understand what this art form is and what manifestations it can take.

Reading widely is truly one of the best ways to improve as a writer of prose or poetry. Head to sites full of books to read next and focus on the poems.

Start with popular and classic works. Once you have an idea of ​​what interests you most, follow your curiosity. Find inspiration and learn techniques from other poets. Pay attention to their language, themes, devices, etc.

Another very important lesson is poetic structure. Reedsy’s Guide to Types of Poems breaks down what a sonnet, ballad or villanelle should sound like – you need to know the rules before you start breaking them.

Absorb as much knowledge as possible and see how it can benefit your creative process.


2. Practice writing poems

You don’t become a great poet overnight. It takes work, determination and putting heart into your art.

Fortunately, best practices are easy to assimilate. To get started, follow the Poetry Writing Steps Reedsy Suggests in collaboration with published poet Lauren Stroh.

The more you practice brainstorming, free writing, reading aloud, and revising, the smoother the process for each poem will become.

You will learn to appreciate this ritual, as well as your own poetic style. But do not hesitate to go further in your training by participating in poetry writing contests listed on Reedsy.

It’s also a good idea to compile your work into a reliable file or website for writers’ portfolios. You can revisit old poems, enjoying your growth as an artist and sharing your creations with the world.

3. Marketing and publishing your poetry

Today, there are many ways to break into publishing, which can be overwhelming for new writers. For this reason, just start.

Look through Reedsy’s Poetry Publishing Tutorial. When preparing your work for publication, whether traditional or independent, choose carefully how to promote your writing and yourself.

Initially, a few reliable methods will do. For example, you can share your publishing projects on social media or with online communities of writers.

Also post snippets to hook readers. Create a YouTube channel and perform your poetry. Instagram posts can also cause a stir. Depending on your interests, you will reach a wider audience by playing to your strengths.

At the same time, review the publishing options. Reedsy lists places to submit poetry, such as online magazines. You can get decent compensation for individual coins and get your name out there.

Alternatively, you can self-publish collections of poetry, unless you land a Reedsy’s List Poetry Editor. If you go this route, however, make sure your book is polished to perfection, from cover to inside.

Consider how to fund your poetry

You can write and share poems without paying a penny, but bigger projects like self-publishing a book come at a higher cost.

While Reedsy’s services can help you create, publish, and market your book, it’s up to you to raise the money to support the entire process. The good news is that the digital world has solutions for this as well.

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