December 7, 2021
  • December 7, 2021

How Rod Jao’s Life Is An Example of Meaningful Philanthropy

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It may be safe to conclude that entrepreneur and humanitarian Rod Jao lives to give back. The CEO and co-founder of Allysian Sciences has always known that there is greater meaning in life.

Rod Jao was brought up in a simple household in the Philippines, but he counted his blessings. This education is reflected in the work he does. He works day and night not only to provide for himself, but also to help those less fortunate.

What is Rod Jao doing?

In addition to being the CEO of Allysian Sciences, Rod Jao is also the chairman of a private investment firm. At the same time, he also deals with commercial and residential real estate.

In addition, it offers venture capital investment opportunities to start and finance businesses in various fields. This includes companies from all industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage, and even telecommunications.

He has an unbeatable network of contacts spread all over the world. From an early age, Road Jao has run his business in various forms.

Rod Jao has done everything to get to where he is today, from setting up a candy stand outside the church, selling stopwatches and cell phones to schools and markets. locals, or check out the famous direct selling company Amway.

How does Rod Jao do so much?

You might be wondering how it is that one person can do so much. But a typical day in the life of Rad Jao starts early at 8 a.m. Rod Jao enjoys being attentive and meditating. Unlike the rest of us who like to scroll through our phones in the morning.

It is only after these few minutes of peace that Rod Jao immerses himself in his work. He starts his day by checking all his emails and messages that have been answered overnight. Rod Jao begins his daily training once he’s done and answered his most urgent emails.

Ideally, Rod Jao has a gym in his home. This way, he saves time otherwise spent coming and going to the gym. Plus, he doesn’t have to wait for equipment, so he does it sooner.

By noon, he’s finished his morning routine and is ready for his first meeting. These meetings range from client meetings, investor meetings, existing operations and much more. These meetings are scheduled from lunchtime to 7 p.m.

The quality time Rod Jao spends with his family is vital to him. So he always dines with them and even takes the time to play because he likes to have a good time with his children.

But the day is not yet over. After putting his children to bed, Rod Jao goes straight back to work. From 9:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m., Rod Jao organizes business meetings abroad. He also sends emails, talks with clients, or comes up with new ideas for his business.

It is only after this nighttime routine that Rod Jao goes to bed. Happy with his job today and can’t wait to see the next one.

How does Rod Jao balance his work and his life?

Rod Jao understands the importance of finding the perfect work-life balance. He understands the value of time and its essence. So he chooses to spend it trying to be his most productive self. Moreover, he also appreciates the time of others, be it family, friends or even employees.

He believes that when a person is appreciated for their work, their performance at work improves. And they are more willing to go above and beyond. So, he not only appreciates their time, but also appreciates their efforts every now and then.

Rod Jao makes a point of treating all of his employees, investors and customers with the utmost respect. It is because he knows that respect is reciprocal and will be returned to him.

Even with such a busy schedule, he still takes time for his loved ones. But he also makes sure he has time to relax and gather his mind so he’s ready to take on the world when it’s time to get back to work.

How Rod Jao is an inspiration

Rod Jao is a great example for the rising generation to follow. He has excelled himself professionally. Despite all of his success, he remained humble and down to earth.

He never let his accomplishments blind him. On the contrary, he returns the good he has earned in his life by donating and working with several charities.

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