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How to Fix Kodi Error “Check Log for More Info” 2022 Tip

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Check how to fix Kodi error “Check log for more info”

If you have been using Kodi for a long time, you might have encountered many error messages. A common error message that most of us face is “Check the registry for more information”. Most of the time this error occurs while installing Kodi addons. Today we are going to see how to fix this error. This error is also known as Kodi log error or Kodi error log. So, if you encountered the Kodi error, check the log for more information, this article is for you. We have given the step by step method to fix the problems.

There are many reasons why Kodi gives these types of error messages. Let us discuss some of the major causes behind this error. This error is mainly caused by improper installation of plugins or missing file. Normally, when installing a Kodi add-on, the installer file is downloaded from the source URL and then the installation is performed from that URL. The plugin installation contains many script files. Most plugins are executed based on Python scripts. The plugin installation file contains many scripts. For example, if a cache store contains a file with the same name, that file may be overwritten or skipped. If the file is skipped during installation, you will receive an error message.

How to Fix Kodi Bug Check Log for More Info

Clear cache and purge packages

  • On the Kodi home screen, click Settings. It’s the button that looks like a gear at the top left of the screen.
  • Select “File Manager”
  • Scroll down and click “Add Source”
  • Now type or paste the source URL “http://androidaba.com/addons”. Underneath, enter the name “Ares Wizard”, then click OK.
  • Now go back to Kodi home screen and select “Add-ons”
  • On the plugins page, click the open box icon in the top left.
  • Select “Install from zip file”
  • Find the font you just added, “Ares Wizard”
  • Once the following page opens, select “Script” then choose “script.areswizard-0.0.69.zip”
  • Click on it and wait a moment. You may or may not receive a notification, but it must be installed anyway. To confirm, go to Plugins > Program Plugins. You should see it there. Click on it.
  • Once open, head to the maintenance section.
  • You should now be able to delete packages, cache, and even thumbnails.

You need a VPN

If you have tried clearing the cache and cleaning the packages and the error persists, that means you are trying to access geo-blocked content or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking these sources for copyright reasons. This results in errors such as “check the registry for more information”! A good VPN like IPVanish is the best solution for you: a VPN is legal software that makes you anonymous when using the Internet. It’s a great security tool for your laptop, because viruses and spyware need your IP address to infect you, and the VPN hides your IP address and masks it with a completely different IP address. You can also search privately, there are no logs of your activities.

When you install the VPN software on your device (compatible with laptops, Android TV boxes, smartphones, etc.), you can easily select the country where you want to hide your IP address. So if you are from EU and want to watch US content, you can just change your IP address to US very easily. However, sometimes it’s not just about geolocation, but also that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is blocking certain content due to copyright law. So when you connect to any country with the VPN (you can even connect to your country) you are anonymous so your ISP can’t track what you are accessing so content is no longer blocked . Total freedom!

Check your Kodi install

Finally, if you read the third solution on how to fix Kodi errors “Check the registry for more information”, maybe the above solutions didn’t work for you. This means you need to check your Kodi installation and see what you missed.

Final Words: How to Fix Kodi Error “Check Log for More Info”

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