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How to sign out or log out of a WhatsApp account

HARIANHALUAN.COM – It is important to know how to log out of a WhatsApp account. Why? Because there are many conditions that force users to exit their WhatsApp account. For example, when you want to change phones. Hence, he has to sign out or log out of the existing WhatsApp account.

Before signing out or logging out of your WhatsApp account, there are a few important things to note. Because when a user logs out of their WhatsApp account, all important data and chat history will also be lost.

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That’s why it’s important to back up your conversations and data beforehand. Well, here are some steps to follow when you log out of your WhatsApp account:

1. Clear Data on WhatsApp
Open the Settings or Settings app on the user’s phone.
Scroll or go to the Settings section of each app and then select the WhatsApp app. Click the “Force Stop” button.
Then go to the “Storage” section and perform “Clear data” and “Clear cache”.

2. Re-download WhatsApp Reinstalling WhatsApp is an easy way to log out. The steps are also quite small. To do this, open the Google Play Store and select the WhatsApp delete button, then download it again and enter the desired WA account.

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