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How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay: In Three Easy Steps

In high school, I was lucky to have several teachers who made a real difference in my approach to life and my ambitions. From teaching me the nuances of the human condition through “Moby Dick” to developing an appreciation for biology that would benefit me as a pre-med student, my teachers have made an impact. sustainable. However, one of the most important lessons I learned in high school was how to write a five-paragraph essay in 30 minutes, if I’m not disturbed while I’m writing at least. The teacher in my English class told us that his method of writing a five-paragraph essay was a survival guide in case we were too busy partying to remember an assignment. To be honest, I’m sure a lot of students in this class used his teachings for that very purpose.

A five-paragraph essay doesn’t have to be a death sentence. In fact, the method I’m going to share with you can be fleshed out if needed. The steps I’m about to teach you can be applied to a five-paragraph essay or a 10-page dissertation. And yes, I’ve had friends who have used these steps to write 10-page essays in a matter of hours.

Here are the three foolproof steps to writing a clear and concise essay of five paragraphs (or more).

1. The Thesis

Your first paragraph is the foundation of your entire essay. Not only should this paragraph entice the reader to go deeper into the essay, but it should also convey what your message will be in the following paragraphs. Therefore, a good first paragraph will consist of a hook in the first sentence, an explanation of the value of the essay in two or three sentences with a closing sentence that serves as the thesis for the entire document.

Although we’ve all been trained in brackets and basic information, the thesis can be ignored when we’re trained to write the perfect sentence. Since the thesis is the backbone of the essay, the thesis will also be essential in explaining how to write a high-quality five-paragraph essay.

The thesis for learning purposes will be as follows:

I like Harry Styles because he’s kind, talented and sexy.

This thesis is a basic style of clearly conveying the main parts of the essay to prevent readers from being confused. Due to the nature of the sentence, the reader can identify that the article will be an opinion piece on Harry Styles with the aim of persuading the reader to find deep admiration for the singer as well. The three dots made at the end of the sentence about Harry being nice, talented and sexy will show readers that these will be the qualities the article will focus on.

2. Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs are based on the thesis statement. The purpose of these paragraphs is to support your claims in the first paragraph. It doesn’t matter if your paragraphs are about the inequity of the American education system or your love for a certain pop singer, the idea will remain the same.

The first thing to remember about a body paragraph is that it should start with a topic sentence. In theory, the topic sentence should be able to tell the reader exactly what is going to happen in the paragraph. The topic sentence being a clear explanation of the paragraph will also help the reader skim through the paper at a later date when looking for a specific shared fact. After the subject sentence, information can be added to support your point. When you are done adding your evidence, a concluding sentence is needed to tie all the evidence provided to your main point. From our sample thesis, we can extract simple topic sentences for three body paragraphs:

I like Harry Styles because he’s nice.

I like Harry Styles because he has talent.

I like Harry Styles because he’s hot.

Each of these statements will lead to their own evidence that must be provided to prove why Harry Styles is nice, talented and sexy. Thus, this will be the body of the essay. Although a college-level professor will expect your thesis statement to be more wordy and the topic sentence not be a direct copy of the thesis, the idea will remain the same regardless of insight level. expected in the test. What is important to remember is how everything can be simplified, because your main enemy in writing an essay of any length is thinking that it will be too complicated to finish in a concise and in right time.

3. Conclusion

The conclusion is where you restate the thesis and further validate your points. This is usually the paragraph people struggle the most with. Unlike the thesis or body paragraphs, the conclusion occurs when there really is nothing more to say. There’s no argument to be made and no other information can really be shared without risking the ending being unclear. So what’s a writer to do with that? The short answer is that you are repeating what you have already said.

While you can’t repeat verbatim what you’ve said, you can get pretty close when you begin to condense the main points of the thesis and the body paragraphs into a single paragraph that will convey the entire message of the essay. . Ideally, this section should be able to be read without the rest of the essay and explain the whole thing.

The order of your sentences in this paragraph should be a rewrite of the thesis statement, a summary of the body paragraphs in order, and a decisive concluding sentence to end the entire essay. Usually your ending sentence will be something to prove your point or a call to action, if applicable. For example, our essay we wrote on Harry Styles might end like this:

I like Harry Styles because he’s kind, talented and sexy. Harry Styles is nice because of his charity work. Harry Styles is talented as his 2021 Grammy win proves. Harry Styles is hot because of his symmetrical face. For these reasons, Harry Styles has earned my love by being a good human.

It doesn’t matter if the essay is in an elementary format like my example was or if it’s written for a college level that focuses on the shortcomings of US health initiatives, the essay you struggle to write can be done. So whether your next article is about the nuances of Shakespeare or the economic state of Europe, don’t be overwhelmed by the length of the work. Instead, remember how easy the essay will be once you’ve written your thesis. Your thesis can start with a short sentence that will easily expand as you gather information for your body paragraphs and fully complete your thoughts on the topic.

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