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How to write an essay introduction: expert advice

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An essay should include an introduction and a conclusion. The value of the body is undeniable because it contains all of the author’s arguments. The introduction is also of great importance. It gives the necessary explanations about the aspects of the body, while the conclusion summarizes everything that is mentioned in the document.

A typical introduction is equal to the first paragraph of the book. It educates readers on what to expect from the newspaper. Thus, the knowledge of writing an essay introduction is invaluable to students. Sometimes the introductions can be different and there is no definitive answer to the question of how well this part is written. There are still some universal rules that writers must follow. In particular, writers who create custom testing respect these rules in terms of academic standards.

How to hook the audience

If you start with a catchy statement or a shining example of your experience, it piques the curiosity of your readers. If your sentences are complex and long, readers may get bored immediately.

Readers need an original teaser to engage with the topic of your discussion. They must have a clear idea of ​​the purpose of your work. It is natural for your readers to check whether it is interesting to read all the sections of the document. So you should avoid using simple facts, boring statements, and general statements in the first section.

What structure can you try? Start with a striking fact in the first sentence. Then make the second one more exciting for readers. Your bold assertion about the importance of the topic being raised is what readers need.

Will a dictionary definition be a good hook? No. Either it’s boring because the term is common, or it’s too complicated to understand. It is reasonable to start with a shining example.

Some authors lay out well-known facts and expect them to serve as a hook. Well, it doesn’t work that way. It may be a good idea to start your article with a few words about a typical interpretation of a specific article or book. Then you can inform readers that this writing presents an unexpected interpretation.

How to write a thesis statement for an article

After studying all aspects of your future job, you can write one of the most important sentences in your job. Your thesis statement specifies the organization of the entire article. Learn how to start an essay and try to answer the question “What do I plan to prove in my article?” Once you have answered this question, it will be easy for you to write a thesis statement and rank all the ideas.

A usual framework for the thesis statement is found in the last part of the introductory paragraph. The arrangement of ideas is perfect if you manage to present all the main points in the order in which they are present in the body. Why is this important? Well, that makes your writing easier and makes your readers’ experience easier.

Introductory structure of the essay

If your essay introduction is strong, your readers can get a feel for the organization of the body paragraphs.

You give all the important points throughout your work, and an overview of your plans is essential for readers. You will not be able to give many details in the introductory section. You need to give some advice and point out some key issues.

The following list of questions is a great way to identify the main principles of your work organization:

  • Is it possible to group paragraphs by topic? (thematic organization)
  • Are there any comparisons between items in the document? (contrasting organization)
  • Are there answers to several questions, one after the other? (sequential organization)
  • Are there any issues presented in the body paragraphs, from oldest to newest (chronological organization)?

Authors aim for their articles to be readable, and this is easier to do if readers know what to expect from the content.

Trial preview: what is it?

One of the objectives of the introductory section is to present all the key points to be discussed. In the case of an argumentative essay, you must provide sufficient evidence to support the introduction, including the thesis statement. Your answer to the main question should have the required backup.

Your article deals with the context of the Holocaust. Your article should discuss five main causes presented in two paragraphs. It is therefore essential to ensure that the introductory paragraph briefly presents these five causes.

If you are working on an essay outline or a map, you should give a list of topics to discuss. In most cases, there is a link between each point and the thesis statement. The order of the subjects should be the same as in the essay itself.

Write your essay first and then your introduction

One of the approaches to academic writing is to work on the body and then go back to the first paragraph. It is easier to summarize the document once it is ready. As you work on the essay, you can jot down introductory ideas and identify terms that require definitions for readers.

If you’ve already written your intro and then you’re working on the body, you may need to revise your first paragraph a few times. Even with a preview, you should make a few changes later.

There is no utility in the charges. Make sure each idea in the introduction is short and to the point.

What are the parts of an introduction?

Teachers typically rate the essay introduction based on several criteria, including content, adherence to instructions, grammar, plagiarism, and others. More so, they check the test for the structure and its main parts. They are:

  • The key topic. Explain why this is important.
  • Review of key arguments. You should get answers to the main questions of the essay. You should also mention the key approaches and methods in this introductory part to answer the key questions of your essay and show your skills and competencies.
  • Definitions of key concepts and terms. There should be no reason for confusion in the text. You have different readers and all should read the text with ease. Interpretation of terms is important for this.

When writing an essay introduction, consider that the best length of this part should be 5% or 10% of the total length of the essay. If this part takes a little longer, that’s okay. This is a common rule not only for the introduction, but also for graphics, images and other additional details. If you use them in an essay, they can improve your ideas.

Types of introduction

Compelling presentation

It is written to convince readers and show your personal take on the subject. You write so that readers can share your ideas.

Argumentative introduction

You give your individual idea and then back it up with the evidence in the main part of the essay.

Compare and contrast the introduction

You have to present two sides of the question. Describe it first, then move on to analyzing the differences.


  • Is it essential to have only one paragraph in the introduction? Two paragraphs are also fine, although a typical length is one section.
  • What is the main purpose of an introduction? You provide background details and encourage readers to read your article to the end.
  • Can the first sentence be a question? Yes. You can ask questions at the beginning or at the end of the essay introduction.

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