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How to Write an iOS Vs Android Essay 2022 Tip

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Have you thought about how the smartphone has changed our lives? In today’s world, smartphone has become a very important device in our lives. Most of us quickly grab our phones every morning after opening our eyes to check our bank account, check our emails, chat with friends, read the news, or see what’s happening on social media. Apple and Samsung are the most popular phones in this modern tech world right now, and most of us use Team iPhone or Team Android.

People wonder what is so different between these two smartphones and which one to buy. The iPhone has time-tested and proven advantages such as hardware and software integration, the easiest phone to use, and the Apple pad. Points that can be kept in mind while writing an argumentative essay on iPhone VS Android are listed below.

How to Write an iOS Vs Android Essay

iOS and Android analysis

It is fair to say that there are many similarities between the iOS and Android platforms. But the few differences that exist are enough for consumers to choose between the two. Comparing the Android-powered Galaxy Nexus to Apple’s iPhone 5, there were a few notable differences. A small difference that gave Android a slight edge over IOS was how notifications were handled.

The notification process was much more user-friendly on the Nexus, as users could choose what to select, which notifications they wanted to delete from the list, and which ones they wanted to save for later. On the iPhone, there was basically only the option to keep everything or delete everything. Another feature that worked in Android’s favor when comparing the two smartphones was the Play Store. The Google Playstore is the equivalent of the Apple Appstore. However, Google’s Playstore offers the ability to download apps, music, books and movies in one place, while Apple’s Appstore offers each of these features in different apps, which means that the user must return to the application. you want again and again.

Application Developer

An application developer is the person responsible for turning a basic concept or idea into an application. There are different approaches to application development, but the main concept is to identify, create, and define application requirements. Consider the data structure and find solutions to all application problems. Customer requirements also play an important role in application development.

As there are already many applications, market research should be done to ensure that new applications are beneficial. IOS developers Since IOS is a closed operating system, the only way to develop applications for Apple is to use the software development kit (SDK) and Xcode. Xcode contains everything you need to develop applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod. It includes features like source code editor, GUI editor, etc.

Easy to use

Another good reason that makes iPhone a better device is its ease of use. In 2017, according to the Statista website, 223 million people in the United States used a smartphone. And of those, 90 million have used the iPhone. For example, the iPhone has simplified everything on the device, everything is at your fingertips, such as answering a call, sending a text, downloading applications or music, playing games or other activities, also activating Siri.

we can say compliments and ask questions and process Siri and provide the information about it, we also don’t have to worry about carrying debit or credit cards with this cool feature called Apple Pay.

Final Words: How to Write an iOS vs Android Essay

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